Achievements From Our Startups In Leipzig

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We are proud to host, and have had hosted, some of the most innovate startups in Germany and around the world. It gives us all a great sense of a achievement to know we're helping push innovation to its limits, create amazing jobs, and contributing to the world and our community all at the same time. Read all about our current and previous startups and their accomplishments below.

Funding received

Prizes won

Jobs created

Partners Acquired

include Dt. Postbank, Dürr, Porsche, ergo, Microsoft, Dt. Post amongst others


Startup Portfolio

DIPAT - Die Patentienverfügung, Paul Brandenburg, Jan Brandenburg
DIPAT Dr. Paul Brandenburg, Jan Brandenburg, Christian Müller | eHealth

DIPAT is the inventor of effective online living wills and adjoining documents. Our self-developed algorithm for automated medical consultation provides a solution to the problem, that 90% of all living wills in Germany are medically ineffective, due to their lack of precision and physical unavailability in an emergency.

Oct. 2016 - Mar. 2017
Explicates Team, Matthias Mietz
Explicates Matthias Mietz, Jörg Zippel, Titus Te Strake | Big Data

Explicates is making energy efficiency monitoring and analysis simpler by providing engineers with the tools they actually need without costly superfluous platforms or the manual processing alternative. Designed by engineers for engineers within the context of a rapidly evolving industry, they offer a versatile and agnostic module based system providing energy engineers with all the simplicity or complexity they desire.

Oct. 2016 - Mar. 2017, Marko Berndt, Timo Golomski, Martin Volmerding Marko Berndt, Timo Golomski, Martin Volmerding | Devices

No more empty batteries - the team of, who were awarded the EXIST start-up grant, has developed a smart wallet that uses the newest wireless charging technology. The first product, poqit, is impossible to lose, comes in an elegant design and will make everyday life easier in the future. Simply charge the smartphone by placing it on the wallet.

Oct. 2016 - Mar. 2017
Sengi-IT, Franz Weisbrich, Johannes Ehrlich, Can Althaus, Tobias Strauß
Sengi-IT Franz Weisbrich, Johannes Ehrlich, Can Althaus, Tobias Strauß | Data Security

SENGI is the hot spot to link all your cloud accounts in one simple interface, creating the most secure place for storing your data online. It connects the best of cloud storages and messaging apps to give customers security, transparency, and usability and lock out everyone who is not supposed to see your data. This is how they give back total control of a digital identity.

Oct. 2016 - Mar. 2017
tex-lock, Alexandra Baum, Suse Brand, Katja Käseberg
tex-lock Alexandra Baum, Suse Brand, Katja Käseberg | Devices

Tex-lock is a textile based theft protection system - light, flexible, smart and beautiful. It is based on a multi-layer braided rope that consist of a cut and fire resistant combination of high performance fibers. The unique surface allows adaptations of the design, offers a pleasant feel and prevents scratches and rattling. Tex-lock is designed to be used in bike and outdoor equipment as well as in industrial applications.

Oct. 2016 - Mar. 2017
Wundercurves Christiane Seitz, Tiffany La, Stephan Schleuss, Matthias Geisler, Markus Miller | eCommerce Tech

Wundercurves is a modern e-commerce platform technology, applied for fashion in plus sizes, an often overlooked market, valuing at 65 billion USD. Wundercurves provides a holistic shopping experience including a 15x greater selection than leading plus-size retailers, popular modern brands and suitable inspiration for customers. Wundercurves owns a self-developed scalable and cloud-based platform.

Oct. 2016 - Mar. 2017
Animus Team Picture
ANIMUS Dr. Thomas Götzen, Chris Richter, Christian Budenz | PropTech

ANIMUS is a digital service-solution for the housing industry and living quarters, that optimises the communication, service and information between the residents and the housing administration. The Resident gets more of what he values the most: his own time. The housing companies not only profit from an improvement in services to its customers but achieve a process optimisation and cost reduction through digitisation too.

Mar. 2016 - Sept. 2016
Binee team picture
binee Martin Jaehnert, Florian Eidner, Marilu Valente | CleanTech

binee is tackling one of humanities biggest and most complex challenges: waste. With its user centered approach and smart solutions, the first step is to collect old electronic devices in consumer electronics stores.

Mar. 2016 - Sept. 2016
Matchwerk Team Photo
matchwerk Lars Busch, Stephan Sachse, Philipp Günther | FinTech

matchwerk enables companies to digitalize their existing advisory process. matchwerk’s products are striving to improve customer experience on websites, apps and voice interfaces. The sophisticated API with its knowledge base acts as a one-stop-solution for service providers to digitalize their existing advisory process. Our solution centralizes creation, management and evaluation of web-based advisory tools.


Mar. 2016 - Sept. 2016
Neuronade Team Photo
Neuronade Chris Volke, Florian Mack | Food

Neuronade is an innovative drinking powder for mental performance. The "think drink" contains natural plant extracts like ginkgo biloba, brahmi & rhodiola rosea as well as important micronutrients for the brain.

Mar. 2016 - Sept. 2016
Qlipay Team Photo
qlipay Jerry Cheambe, Michael Flach, Michael Nowag | FinTech

qlipay allows Africans in Europe or America to pay bills, products and services for their families in Africa quickly and safely at low costs through partnerships with international payment service providers. The sender can verify the exact bill amount and ensure that payments are used for the intended purpose. qlipay is a platform that aggregates services across all African countries to enable purpose-specific remittances for hundreds of millions of Africans. 

Mar. 2016 - Sept. 2016
Resment Team Photo
resment Marc Stratmann, Wladislaw Kanewski | SaaS

resment is an innovative and web-based resource management solution for small and medium sized companies. The launched human resource management module contains the management of employees with a digital employee file, time tracking, shift-planning, absence and holiday management as well as an automated salary management. Our product combined with our service and support portfolio supports the sector of small and medium sized companies and automates administrative tasks to enable the possibility for entrepreneurs and employees to focus on their core abilities.

Mar. 2016 - Sept. 2016
Fitclass Team Picture
fitclass Jonas Heinroth, René Breckau | market place

With fitclass customers can find & book local sports activities. For Sports suppliers fitclass provides a new sales channel with integrated booking and management solutions.

Sept. 2015 - Feb. 2016
Laviu Team Photo
Laviu Martin Cirilloschmidt, Julia Ryssel | Devices

Laviu is a young, motivated start-up that develops aesthetic and stylish lovetoys for women. The secret: A pulsating surface making the experience even more intense!

Sept. 2015 - Feb. 2016
Knowhere Team Photo
knowhere Sebastian Schmitt, Patrick Zimmermann, Robert Weber, Markus Bröcker, Florian Nommensen | Travel App

knowhere is a mobile app that makes finding your next travel destination simple. No matter if you want to go on an adventure or just relax. We will help you get to places that fit all your needs.

Sept. 2015 - Feb. 2016
QLX Team Photo
QLX Ingolf Leithoff, Ronny Kubik | Enterprise Software

QLX develops smarttrass, a software which allows you to design roads, railways, channels, pipes or power lines three-dimensional with simultaneous calculation of costs and scheduling – real-time and with wide automations. That means lightning-fast and effortless achieving of optimized results. Planning, validating, optimizing and presenting in real-time!

Sept. 2015 - Feb. 2016
Vizzlo Team Photo
Vizzlo Hendrik Schulze, Robert Lillack | SaaS

Vizzlo creates individual business graphics. Whether for presentations, business documents, or the Web – with Vizzlo anybody can visualize their ideas in seconds.

Sept. 2015 - Feb. 2016
Rhebo Team Photo
Rhebo Klaus Mochalski, Martin Menschner | Devices

Rhebo Industrial Protector monitors and ensures the continuous, correct, and predictable operation of real-time Industrial Control Systems to prevent outages and reduce downtimes. Data traffic in control networks is recorded and analyzed to automatically detect and report any anomalies. Rhebo Industrial Protector ensures operational continuity in production environments and critical infrastructures and protects from security breaches and cyberattacks from inside or outside. Operators of Industrial Control Systems benefit from Rhebo’s solution by enormous cost savings due to the reduction of system outages.

Sept. 2015 - Feb. 2016
Conbox Team Photo
Conbox Christian Siehler, Peter Holló, Paul Pfeiffer | Media

Conbox merges web and television by providing a cloud-platform, which enables customers to build new TV applications and advertising solutions. Together with broadcasters, agencies and content providers Conbox creates television that is more interesting, more interactive and more individual.

Feb. - July 2015
Job UFO Team Photo
JobUFO Benjamin Maischak, Thomas Paucker | Recruiting

JobUFO is a SaaS solution which allows applicants to give a real first impression of themselves. Focusing on the service sector an app guides the user to record the perfect video application. Companies use the JobUFO management interface for their received video applications or integrate JobUFO in their existing HR software.

Feb. - July 2015
Merolt Team Photo
Merolt Jörg Frohberg, Martin Konerding, Alexandra Hucke, Christian Dominka | online agency

Merolt offers travel management services. We focus on negotiating a contracted rate for small- and medium-sized companies by pooling the overnight stays for each location.

Feb. - July 2015 Team Photo Nadav Caro, Dr. Andreas Berger | FinTech

The platform is a one-stop shop solution for controlling and optimizing the user’s household expenditures and financial obligations.

Feb. - July 2015
Sensape Team Photo
SENSAPE Artur Lohrer, Matthias Freysoldt, Justus Nagel | Advertisment

SENSAPE is developing cutting edge computer vision algorithms to design smarter real world product presentations. Our Team is creating interactive shop windows, context aware billboards and entertaining retail systems, presenting your content dynamically and making marketing success feasible.

Feb. - July 2015
Ekoio Team Photo
ekoio Thomas Kuwatsch, Immanuel Rebarczyk, Philipp Ströhla, Kristina Hammitzsch, Erik Kelm, Martin Feige | Connected Car

ekoio is the smart telematics company which connects each car since 2001 with a smartphone and the ekoio web app. It helps to promote ecological-economic driving with a reward system for private and business customers. It allows fleets, delivery services, insurance companies and also car sharing providers to increase the motivation of their customers/clients to drive responsibly and fuel-efficient. Furthermore, ekoio will help to improve the driving habits and enable functions like pay-as-you-drive insurance pricing, easy error diagnostics for workshops in the after-sales market and automatic emergency calls for more safety on the road.

Feb. - July 2015