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Our startup blog provides useful insights and tips or tricks we have learned at SpinLab for startup entrepreneurs in the fields of investor relations, fundraising including public grants, financial planning, tech topics, legal stuff, online marketing or recruiting amongst others. Our goal is to share key learnings with you.

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We're giving away two tickets to the next TEDxHHL in June!

TEDxHHL is coming back for another round on June 13th, and we're giving you a chance to win 2 tickets for FREE! ...

Learn how to be badass like LeX Tan, and make your pitch awesome.

A story about how a guy named LeX Tan won 5000 Euros for having a completely badass pitch

Our class 6 founder of motionscloud, LeX Tan, just won 5000 Euros at our Investors Day. The pitch was strong, and yours can be just as good, check out our analysis of his pitch. ...

Get a head start in a career with venture capital

Calling all students who want to work with Venture Capital

Student? Great! Want to work in Venture Capital? Then have we got the offer for you at our first HHL SpinLab Investors Day. ...

Win tickets to the 2018 Leipziger Buchmesse!

It's that time again to try and win tickets to the 2018 Leipziger Buchmesse

We've got two more tickets to giveaway this year for the 2018 Leipziger Buchmesse, if you're looking to attend this year, here's a very easy way for you to win two tickets. ...

Startups need well constructed buyer personas.

BUYER PERSONAS (And why they are so critical)

Startups sometimes struggle with the concept of a buyer persona. Let us help guide you on this journey, so you get them right from the start. ...

Being helpful as shit is really important to startup success

How to be HAS (Helpful As Sh%t) and why your startup should care

How you support your customers is, dare I say, even more important than your product. Let's break down what helpful means, and why it's important. ...

fake invoices are common scams played against startups in Germany

What startups can do against fake invoices

There's a lot of scams out there for companies that are newly founded in Germany, learn how to spot them and not become a victim. ...

Win TEDxHHL tickets

Wanna go to TEDxHHL?

The popular TEDxHHL Event is already sold out, but the good news is we have a ticket to give away! ...

Brene Brown Quote

How to make your startup belong

Reflecting on how some powerful lessons from Brene Brown can be applied to the startup life. ...

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Win a sweet mini Ping Pong Table!

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