Franziska Schultze

HR & Event Manager

Franziska supports the SpinLab in the areas of HR & Event Management. She holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration (BTU Cottbus/ Senftenberg) and will complete her master's degree at the HTWK Leipzig this year.




Franziska specializes in

Internal HR


Event Management

Examples of Franziska's Work


SelectionDay / MentorsDay / InvestorsDay

Twice a year, the Selection Days for the startups take place. The best startups are selected there. At the beginning of the class, we host a Mentors Day, where the startups can introduce themselves to all partners & mentors (about 100 guests) for the first time. And at the end of the class, the Investors Day takes place. It is a big investor and startup event with over 150 guests.


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