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Entrepreneurship needs diversity! You are a diverse team with an interesting business idea or already founded a startup? You are looking for professional support in the areas of financing, profit-market-fit or sales? Then apply now until June 13th 2021 for the first SpinLab Summer School for diversity! 

From July 12 to 16, 2021, SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator offers a program especially for diverse teams!


What can you expect during the SpinLab Summer School?


During the SpinLab Summer School you can expect a lot of relevant input for your business idea. In addition to workshops with our mentors on topics such as financing, marketing, sales, HR, leadership, etc., you will also benefit from professional pitch training. There is also time for your individual and current problems. Get to know other interesting founders and talk to experts from the SpinLab network. 

Since 2015, SpinLab has successfully supported over 70 local and international startup teams on their way to the growth phase. In addition to our regular accelerator program, we are now offering a Summer School for diverse startups for the first time, in which diverse teams are explicitly addressed and supported! 

At the end of the week you will present your business idea to the public in a pitch event. The perfect chance to get noticed and meet other interesting people.


Who can apply?

  • Your team consists of 2 people or more. 
  • You have at least one FINTA (woman, inter, non-binary, trans, agender) person and/or one person with an international background in your team or have other diverse team members. More information can be found below in "Our goal" and FAQ.
  • The topic of your business idea does not matter as long as you have potential to grow. 
  • A founded startup is not mandatory, but your business idea should already be very concrete, for example in form of a business plan.
  • UPDATE: You can be in Leipzig for the duration of the program (12.-16.07.21). We decided to run the program onsite. When applying, be sure to be prepared to come to Leipzig!
  • The program will be in English, so someone from your team should understand and speak English well. If only German-speaking teams are selected, the program can also be held in German.


How can you apply?

You can send us a pitch deck or apply with a short pitch video (max. 120 seconds). You can read more about how this works in the FAQs below. Additionally, there is a (really) short questionnaire. You can apply until 13th June 2021 by submitting the form on the right.



The application phase has ended.

Application Deadline
Feedback to applications
Summer School Week
12. -16.07.2021


Why we offer a Startup Summer program specifically for diverse teams? Because we are fed up with the fact that the percentage of women and diversity in general in Germany's startup scene is statistically proven to be so low and hardly increasing. As numerous studies confirm, a clear majority of German startups are still founded by white CIS men. We think that the future needs to be created from more than one perspective. 

Diversity in all facets, be it origin, educational background, sexual orientation or gender are key for more innovation and success as well as sustainable growth. We at SpinLab are convinced that diversity creates innovation and strengthens the startup ecosystem. That's why this year, for the first time, we are offering a Startup Summer School specifically for diverse startup teams who share our goals.

Our goal is to empower diverse startup teams with growth ambitions and create an environment where all participants can grow and learn. With a program tailored to your needs, we will help you overcome potential hurdles of the startup world and connect you with the right people from our local startup ecosystem. 


Still unsure if you should apply? 

If you have any questions concerning the program, you can find our contact data at the bottom of the page. Don't hesitate to drop us an email of call: +4934135578570

SpinLab Summer School FAQ

  • What do we mean by diverse startups?

    For us, diversity means first and foremost variety. This manifests itself, for example, within a team in the diversity of gender, age, nationality, educational background, but also sexual identity, religion or socialization.

  • What information has to be in the pitch deck or the application video?

    The following information should be included in both the pitch deck and the pitch video:
    • Your idea
    • The problem you want to solve
    • A market analysis
    • A competitors analysis
    • Your Business Model
    • Your financial plan
    • Your timeline / roadmap
    • Traction / proof-of-concept / LOIs
    • Information about your team
    • What you'd like to achieve through the SpinLab Summer School
    Please provide us with a download link to the pitch deck or video. This is free of charge, e.g. via WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Which stage has my startup have to be in?

    You can apply if you ...:
    • have already founded your company OR
    • are in the pre-seed or growth phase OR
    • have a complete and substantial business plan OR
    • a Proof Of Concept OR
    • have a Minimal Valuable Product OR
    •  have customers.
  • Which topic area should my startup be in?

    We do not place any requirements on a specific topic area. Nevertheless, factors such as sustainability, problem-solving-potential, scalability and innovation, and an existing product-market fit play a key role in our selection process.

  • We are not from Leipzig. Can we still participate, e.g. online?

    UPDATE: The Summer School will take place on site at the SpinLab in Leipzig. If you can and are allowed to travel to Leipzig under the appropriate conditions, you can participate.

    If you don't speak German, that's no problem, the program will take place in English! If, and only if all selected startups speak German, we can consider having it in German.

  • When will we know if we were selected for the Summer School?

    You will be informed by 23.06.2021 whether you were selected. So you have enough time to plan your stay in Leipzig. We can also help you with discounts for local hostels. 

  • Do we get a certificate or other proof of participation?

    Do we get a certificate or other proof of participation?
    Yes, we will issue a certificate for your participation in the SpinLab Summer School for diverse startups. You can use this for applications, PR and talks with important potential partners such as investors or customers.


What you can expect from the Summer School


The content your team needs

Our Summer School week will consist of Workshops in the fields of Finance and Funding, Business Development, Marketing/PR, Sales, Leadership/HR and a pitch training to improve your presentation skills. On top, we will have founders talks and networking sessions at the end of each day. On Thursday, 15th July, there will be a public pitch event where you will pitch your startup in front of the community.


Excellent network

The speakers and mentors of the week are highly experienced and skilled in their fields and the SpinLab is relying on them for a long time. They will soon be announced here!


The Summer School Team

Our startup-experienced team will make sure to support you as good as possible during the Summer School week. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:



Clara Fischer

Clara is the Public Relations Manager of SpinLab.





Marina Chkolnikov

Marina is the event and job board manager of SpinLab.





Stefanie Wettmann

Stefanie is the manager of the online magazine Startup Mitteldeutschland.


hendrik_schulzHendrik Schulze

Hendrik is one of the startup coaches at SpinLab.



Valeria Clement

Valeria is the Program Manager of SpinLab.





Franziska Schultze

Franziska is the event and HR Manager of SpinLab.



Linh Pham

Linh is the student assistant at SpinLab and Startup Mitteldeutschland.



Dirk Frohnert

Dirk is a co-founder of Smart Infrastructure Ventures.