Dennis Birkhölzer

Dennis Birkhölzer

After working for various startups in Leipzig where he focused on sales development and value selling, Dennis now supports the SpinLab. He studied Applied Media Science and wrote his bachelor thesis at IBM Germany about software based knowledge management and collaboration.

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17 min read

B2B Sales for Startups in 2021

By Dennis Birkhölzer on 03 March 2021

Acquiring new customers and generating revenue is the fuel to keep a company running.

It therefore creates pressure on the sales representative as they are in charge of generating these revenues by acquiring new customers. In addition, they have got to deal with rejection in their daily routines, which is mentally challenging.

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11 min read


By Dennis Birkhölzer on 23 March 2020

Working in one of Germany’s best accelerator programs, helping startups on a daily basis, we get a lot of insights, on how founders do or don’t do their sales job. Besides finding funding, defining their strategy and developing their product, actually selling their product is the key element for a startup’s success. And that can only be accomplished when sound sales strategies are properly integrated into a startup business plan

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12 min read

How to create a Value Proposition for your startup (2020)

By Dennis Birkhölzer on 02 September 2019

After the short and more introductory articles on how to approach your potential clients in general, this piece now focuses on the specific needs you could address with your solution. One startup sales strategy in 2019 is value-based selling, where you define your value proposition for each type of customer.

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6 min read

Startup Sales – Introduction: Customer Discovery

By Dennis Birkhölzer on 03 July 2019

The first article in this series has given you an insight into finding your internal values to define your external value proposition. In this article, you will learn how to find customers. Steven G. Blank, a renowned entrepreneur, worked out central questions that he discovered when observing start-ups while acquiring new customers:

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3 min read

An introduction to agile B2B sales – Always start with WHY

By Dennis Birkhölzer on 29 March 2019

Congratulations! You’ve founded your startup, and everybody around you really seems to like what you are doing. But somehow it seems hard to sell your awesome solution. Why is that? This is when it comes to actual sales strategy.

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