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This is SpinLab

We support entrepreneurial teams in growing and creating innovative businesses. Our mission is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in the center of Germany and beyond by providing hands-on guidance to startups and spin-offs. Entrepreneurial teams remain independent – we won’t do your job for you – but we can help you to achieve incredible results through our tailored program.

Our focus areas

We welcome, and encourage, all startups that are developing concepts in the fields of eHealth, energy, and smart city to apply for our program. We will also accept technology concepts that can support companies that are already established in our areas of concentration.

The infrastructure of the City of Leipzig, paired with our official status as one of the twelve technology hubs for the Digital Hub Initiative, allows us to offer special incentives to startups that are developing concepts in these three fields.

We are looking for startups in the pre-seed or expansion phase. You are already an established startup? Learn how more mature startups benefit from the SpinLab program too.


One of the things that really sets our startup accelerator apart from our competition, is how vast and diverse our partner network is. We specialize in mitigating successful partner + startup pilot project cooperations. Below are our key partners from our focus areas, that you could potentially land a pilot project with.


AOK Plus is the health insurance provider of choice for over 3 million people in Saxony and Thuringia. As our strategic partner for health AOK Plus is heavily invested in enabling sustainable innovations in health. Together with our alumni Keleya the first digital prenatal class in Germany that is served via the app was launched.

Red Cross Saxony is the regional chapter of the International Red Cross and offer a wide array of products and services related to healthcare, social care and education to the public. With their knowledge and reach they supported our alumni DOCYET to get exposure and first users for their medical chatbot when the COVID19 Pandemic hit Germany.

The Leipzig Heart Institute (LHI) is a worldwide renowned research institute in the field of cardiovascular diseases. The joint venture between the Leipzig Heart Center and Helios Healthcare offers startups access to medical and scientific expertise. Our alumni Mindance and LHI joined forces to prove the effectiveness of their digital mindfulness training offering.

Smart City

Leipziger Gruppe operates many of Leipzig's core functions and is interested in expanding technologies in all areas of smart city. They also operate the largest tram network in Germany, using our startup alumni network, the Leipziger Gruppe is able to optimize the routing of their ticket inspectors and Stadtwerke Leipzig to their service technicians.

DELL Technologies doesn't need an introduction as one of the world's largest computer hardware manufacturers. They're looking to implement new technologies into the smart city sector as well.

Seecon Engineers are engaged in urban and rural planning, infrastructure, ecology, renewable energies, and hydraulic engineering. They are a very valuable partner in the identification and implementation of innovative projects with our startups in these fields. We are jointly planning an installation of de-centralized power management systems with our class 10 startup - Ready2Plugin.



The EnviaM Group is a leading regional energy service provider in Germany. With our Startup Alumni FlyNex, 20 kilometers of power lines and power towers belonging to EnviaM are now automatically inspected by aerial drones.  Check out the case study on our blog.

EEX is part of a global exchange group, customer-orientated, innovative and driven by the ambition to build liquidity in energy and commodity markets. With their specialized know-how in energy markets and cooperation with our alumni StromDao, we conducted studies on the effectiveness of the Blockchain Smart Contract technology in the energy market.

LEAG supplies energy for millions of households, industry and public life - reliable in all weather conditions, flexible and affordable. With our alumni DieEnergiekoppler, they implemented their flexibility tool to diagnose and control decentralized energy generators in order to stabilize energy supply. Read the full case study here.


Core Competencies Of Our Program

Pilot projects with established corporations are just one of the many things we can help you with. Below is an in-depth overview of the other key parts of our program


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Coaching & Mentoring

We connect you with great hands-on coaches and mentors with experience in your industry and in technology in general. Our mentors are well-known experts who support you strategically during the program and help you to solve concrete technical or managerial problems.

Next to coaching and mentoring, we offer a wide range of workshops during the program. Workshops (including pitch training) are typically scheduled to occupy 5 days of each month of the program on-site. We combine this with our hybrid learning and training program to give startups not based in Leipzig greater flexibility with their commitments, and their time physically at the SpinLab to benefit from our program in-person.

Our Program At a glance

The below guidelines will give you an idea of what you can expect to accomplish each month as a startup accepted into our program. (Subject to change)

Finance & Venture Capital

Guaranteed funding upon being accepted into our program

Each team accepted into our program will get an award of 6000 Euros (without giving us equity) directly from SpinLab. This will help cover your living or traveling costs in Leipzig.

Additional equity-free money accepted by startups may qualify for

The acceleration grant can reach up to 50k euros.

Furthermore, startups in our program, who are not yet based in Leipzig, that choose to expand operations to Leipzig, or relocate here entirely, will receive an additional 4000 Euros.

Startups in our program are also eligible to compete for five different awards:

  • The Best Investors Day Pitch valued at 2000 Euros

  • The Most Sustainable Idea for Leipzig valued at 5000 Euros

  • Best Value for Leipzig valued at 3000 Euros

  • Community Award valued at 5000 Euros

  • Fastest User Growth valued at 5000 Euros

It is possible that a single startup can win all four awards, in such a scenario, one startup would receive an extra 20,000€ in free funding!

These awards are made possible via our cooperation with the City of Leipzig.

spinlab alumni founders from idatase celebrating new accomplishments

Co-Working Space

We offer a 750-square-meter co-working office with separate meeting rooms, a kitchen, and a huge recreation area. Additionally, for startups that finish our programs, we offer a 900-square-meter coworking facility where our alumni startups can rent working space, and get up and running immediately following the program.

Not in a dull office building as you would imagine, but in the creative environment of the famous SPINNEREI next to many inspiring people. After the program, you can get offices close to the SpinLab.

Additionally, our startups are an official part of the Digital Hub Initiative and one of the benefits is having free access for one or two days to various co-working spaces across the twelve official hubs in Germany.

a sample of what the coworking space in the spinlab looks like

What else we can offer your startup

During the Accelerator, we were able to benefit 24/7 from the support of the mentors, closed our seed financing, had breakfast with successful founders and discussed openly in workshops with VCs and potential partners. Even today we still receive valuable advice and support at any time. SpinLab has put us on the fast track and lifted Infrasolid to a new level.
Benjamin Buchbach
ETE EmTechEngineering GmbH is proud to have been a member of class 6 of SpinLab. We have benefited from the strong network around SpinLab until today. We also appreciate the fact that we can confront the mentors with our questions at any time. Half a year of intensive cooperation with the SpinLab mentors creates a clear focus and brings structure to a start-up company.
Frank Hofer
Co-Founder ETE Engineering

We believe in founders, and it is our goal to help you succeed