With the combination of HHL Investors Day and SpinLab Demo Day, we created an innovative format for startup investors and corporates. The HHL SpinLab Investors Day is an all-day specialist event for the (corporate) VC scene with professional exchange and around 10 top pitches (SpinLab, RootCamp & Best of Seed).

We developed the HHL SpinLab Investors Day into an exchange platform for the VC scene, with current topics and competent speakers. The event is organized by both HHL and SpinLab, together with CEIM (Center for Entrepreneurial and Innovative Management).

In its 15th edition, we have collaborated with MACHN Festival to reunite forces and create a startup festival at the Leipziger Spinnerei.


This year's Investors Day will take place on 28th June 2023.


We are taking a new spin on our event format and have prepared a diverse program with multiple stages. As a visiting investor, here's what you can expect:


Expert Exchange

There will be keynotes and panel discussions covering contemporary VC topics. The following speakers have confirmed their attendance:


This year we will present around 20 pre-selected startups in the sectors eHealth, SmartCity, Energy, and Agriculture. We will announce the startups in the upcoming weeks. 


We've got a strong network of investors and our partners that will be present. Throughout the day, we will have multiple opportunities for networking. 


The main event will take place at LOFFT Theater (Spinnereistraße 7 / Hall 7, 04179 Leipzig) on the Leipzig Spinnerei grounds. Following the main event, we will host an exclusive dinner at ENK6 on the Spinnerei grounds (Hall 6c).


These startups will pitch at the HHL SpinLab Investors Day.

vimum mealheal logo miicare eCovery docyet Meshmerize SpinnCloud PowerOn heylara logo Mentessa zenturio neology nadar wattando-logo reonic Cultimate VetVise Seqana Aquapurna Climate Farmers
Time Stage I Stage II Foyer
12:00     Networking Session I
13:00 Welcome (Eric Weber @ SpinLab)    
13:10 Future Developments in FoF (Bjorn Tremmerie @ EIF)    


Pitches: eHealth

(Vimum, Meal&Heal, MiiCare, eCovery & DocYet)

Fireside Chat: ESG Reporting

(Isabelle Canu @ Munich Venture Partners & Theresa Bardubitzki @ KfW Capital)


Keynote: Beyond Returns: Unlocking the Value of LP-GP Relationships in Venture Capital

(Stephan Heller @ AlphaQ)


Panel: How to improve the LP relation?

(Björn Bauermeister @ SI Ventures, Simon Lohmann @Cavalry  Ventures, Sebastian Vetter @ Equinor Ventures, Tommy Oehl @ Vsquared, David Cruz e Silva @ EUVC)


Pitches: B2B Soft- and Hardware

(Meshmerize, Nadar, PowerON, HeyLara & Mentessa)

15:00     Networking Session II
15:30     Coffee Break

Pitches: Energy & Smart City

(Zentur.io, Neology, SpinnCloud, Wattando & Reonic)

Keynote: Dry Powder

(Rodrigo Ferreira @ Blue Future Partners)


Panel: Should I pray or should I go now?

(Stephan Stubner @ Monkfish Equity, Jochen Klüppel @ Grazia Equity, Christian Knott @ Capnamic Ventures, Tina Dreimann @ better ventures, Alexander Klitz @ UVC Partners)


Pitches BioEconomy & AgTech

(Cultimate Foods, VetVise, Seqana, aquapurna & Climate Farmers)

Reverse Pitches - New Funds

(SI Ventures, Realyze Ventures, Climentum Capital, Rethink Ventures & Matterwave)

17:30     Networking Session III
18:00 Closing (Eric Weber @ SpinLab)    

Location: ENK6

Exclusive Dinner & Award Ceremony



Our Spinlab Group partners


actemium agritechnica-small aokplus2022 cms-small conenergy Cowen deutsche-bank-small DRK eurotier eex envia germa-agrifood-society-small grazia hannover-impuls-small helios kpluss-small kpmg kws-small leag Leipziger Gruppe madsack mbgsachsen Porsche SachsenEnergie signaliduna WiFö Leipzig TGFS tilia ukl vng

Prize Money Sponsors

karl-kolle-stiftung stadt_leipzig_wifoe

Who can you expect to meet at the HHL SpinLab Investors Day? 

... and many more

Motu Ventures_hhl_guest TGFS_hhl_guest Starstrike Ventures_hhl_guest Diehl Ventures_hhl_guest DZ Bank_hhl_guest CM-Equity_hhl_guest SAB_hhl_guest DN Capital_hhl_guest axel_springer_hhl_guest Teambank_hhl_guest CAVALRY VENTURES_hhl_guest dell_hhl_guest Golzern Holding_hhl_guest Deutsche_Bank_hhl_guest. bmlt15_hhl_guest Hanse Ventures_hhl_guest Sparkasse Leipzig_hhl_guest Vogel Ventures_hhl_guest Statkraft_hhl_guest Freistaat Sachsen_hhl_guest Tengelmann Ventures_hhl_guest CMS_hhl_guest Universa_hhl_guest Join Capital_hhl_guest Monkfish_hhl_guest Enjoy Venture_hhl_guest Iris Capital_hhl_guest Postbank_hhl_guest BVP_hhl_guest Rheingau Founders_hhl_guest Kärcher_hhl_guest MVP_hhl_guest Capnamic_hhl_guest Henkel Ventures_hhl_guest HKCF_hhl_guest Grazia_hhl_guest InReach_Ventures_hhl_guest UVC Venture Capital_hhl_guest LVV_hhl_guest pd_ventures_hhl_guest Mithril_hhl_guest EARLYBIRD_Venture_Capital_hhl_guest MGV__Maschmeyer_Group_hhl_guest ProSiebenSat.1_Media_SE_hhl_guest Hevella_Capital_hhl_guest VNG_Innovation_hhl_guest Proptech1_hhl_guestapital Deutsche_Börse_hhl_guest Investionsbank_des_Landes_Brandenburg_hhl_guest Vorwerk_Ventures_hhl_guest VR_Bank_Altenburger Land eG_hhl_guest Wattx_hhl_guest Mittelständische_Beteilungsgesellschaft_Sachsen_Anhalt_hhl_guest Target_Partners_hhl_guest Nauta_Capital_hhl_guest Smart_Infrastructure Ventures_hhl_guest KIZZO_Technology_Ventures_hhl_guest KPMG_hhl_guest Korea_Investment_Corporation_hhl_guest Brandenburg_Ventures_hhl_guest tillia_hhl_guest Karl_Kolle_Stiftung_hhl_guest Vector_hhl_guest Seedmatch_Crowdfundings_hhl_guest SET_Ventures_hhl_guest High_Tech_Gründerfonds_ hhl_guest SHS_hhl_guest hms_hhl_guest Partech_Ventures_hhl_guest Rotando_hhl_guest KfW_Capital_hhl_guest Engelhardt_Kaupp_Kiefer_hhl_guest Next_Big_thing_hhl_guest seed+speed_VC_hhl_guest Equiqo_hhl_guest invia_group_hhl_guest UFG_Asset_Management_hhl_guest 11k_ventures_hhl_guest Leipziger_Stadtbau_hhl_guest Basinghall_Partners_hhl_guest Reinmann_Investors_hhl_guest SoberaCapital_hhl_guest Ventech_hhl_guest Venture_Leauge_hhl_guest edition_vc_hhl_guest HR_Ventures Westlake_Partners_hhl_guest Sanner_Ventures_hhl_guest atlanticlabs_hhl_guest eCapital_hhl_guest HKCF_hhl_guest Freigeist_hhl_guest blueworld_group_hhl_guest b10_hhl_guest S_Beteiligungen_hhl_guest Aschendorff_Next_hhl_guest FCB_Partners_hhl_guest EQT_Ventures_hhl_guest Investment_Managers_hhl_guest con_energy_hhl_guest creators_black_hhl_guest DCF_Capital_Partners_hhl_guest EnBW_New_Ventures_hhl_guest Coparion_hhl_guest Hitfox_Group_ company_hhl_guest Asturia_Ventures_hhl_guest Better_Ventures_hhl_guest HV_Holtzbrinck_hhl_guest Redstone_hhl_guest Brandenburg_Kapital_ILB_hhl_guest RootCamp_Logo_BIG

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Founders Award:

2022 June Winners

"HHL SpinLab Investors Day Award"

10 startups from SpinLab and RootCamp competed against the prize money of EUR 2,000 sponsored by the City of Leipzig. We are happy to announce that Prodlane, the data-driven workspace for industrial product management, won the award.


burkhard jung

Burkhard Jung (Mayor of the City of Leipzig) at the HHL Investors Day 2016


Previous Winners

Previous Investors Days


Celesley Torres

Content & Event Manager


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Event Manager


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Event Manager at HHL