THE 13TH EDITION WAS HELD on 28th June 2022

Check out our recap from the 10th edition.

With the combination of HHL Investors Day and SpinLab Demo Day, we created an innovative format for startup investors and corporates. The HHL SpinLab Investors Day is an all-day specialist event for the (corporate) VC scene with professional exchange and around 10 top pitches (SpinLab, RootCamp & Best of Seed).

We developed the HHL SpinLab Investors Day into a semi-annual exchange platform for the VC scene, with current topics and competent speakers. The event is organized by both HHL and SpinLab, together with CEIM (Center for Entrepreneurial and Innovative Management).


Event Program: 28th June 2022

We've prepared an exciting program for our upcoming event. As a visiting investor, here's what you can expect:


Expert Exchange

There will be keynotes and panel discussions covering contemporary VC topics. The following speakers have confirmed their attendance:

  • Predictions on the Future of VC

    Ertan Can - Multiple Capital



Over 10 pre-selected startups that are be ready to scale will be pitching. We're excited to already announce the following startups: 

  • Vesputi - Seamless Public transport - One API for everything

  • suena - Empowering energy storage and renewables with AI

  • Switchboard - Easy access to the energy market

  • Hustro - Data-driven construction control

  • GeoPard Agriculture - Independent Precision Agriculture Platform

  • wiCow - Monitoring cow and buffalo health pre-and postpartum

  • E-Terry - autonomous robot for ecological agriculture

  • IO-Dynamics - Smart energy management for electric fleets and large charging infrastructures
  • Snorefree - The first health app that offers a highly effective anti-snore training based on simple speech therapy exercises

  • Memodio - App for dementia prevention

  • Endo - Treat endometriosis and improve the health of millions of women

  • Prodlane - Data-driven product management for hardware products

  • Pyoneer - Turn customer feedback into growth


We've got a strong network of investors and our partners that will be present, and you'll be able to schedule 1on1 meetings with them via our networking app.


We will offer a hybrid event at Haus Leipzig and online.


Meet our current class, who will be pitching at the next HHL SpinLab Investors Day

hustro endo-health io-dynamics memodio prodlane pyoneer snorefree suena switchboard vesputi

Investors Day Agenda for 28th June 2022

Eric Weber (SpinLab & Smart Infrastructure Ventures)
"Predictions on the future of VC" with Luz Ramirez (EIF)
Panel I
Moderation: Dr. Prof. Stephan Stubner
"Do we need new strategies in VC?" with Khalil Hefaf (Target Global), Enrico Mellis (Lakestar), Severin Zugmayer (Speedinvest), Carlo Schmid (Cherry Ventures)
Take your chance to book 1on1 networking sessions with our VCs, Business Angels or Startups
Snorefree, Memodio, Endo, wiCow, Prodlane, Pyoneer, Hustro
Lunch & Networking Session II
Take your chance to book 1on1 networking sessions with our VCs, Business Angels or Startups
Pitches II
GeoPard Agriculture, E-Terry, IO-Dynamics, suena, Switchboard, vesputi, Carbonauten
Networking Session III
Take your chance to book 1on1 networking sessions with our VCs, Business Angels or Startups
"Several years of Venture Debt - What did I learn?" with Heinrich Arnold (Davidson Technology Growth Debt)
Panel II
Moderation: Eric Weber
"Emerging VC Alternatives: Venture Debt and Revenue-based Financing" with Paul Becker (re:cap), Patrick Walsch (uncapped), Damian Polok (Silicon Valley Bank), Isabella Hermann-Schön (Round2 Capital)
Networking Session IV
Take your chance to book 1on1 networking sessions with our VCs, Business Angels or Startups
Open Spaces
Interactive moderated discussions on VC topics.
Award Ceremony
Announcement of the Startup with the best pitch of the day
Dinner & Tech Demos
Take your chance to book 1on1 networking sessions with our VCs, Business Angels or Startups


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Prize Money Sponsors

karl-kolle-stiftung stadt_leipzig_wifoe

Who can you expect to meet at the HHL SpinLab Investors Day? 

... and many more

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Founders Award:

2022 June Winners

"HHL SpinLab Investors Day Award"

10 startups from SpinLab and RootCamp competed against the prize money of EUR 2,000 sponsored by the City of Leipzig. We are happy to announce that Prodlane, the data-driven workspace for industrial product management, won the award.

"Best of Seed"

Together with the founders networks of Central Germany we are looking for exciting business ideas each year. At the HHL SpinLab Investors Day, young entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity to introduce themselves and their ideas to a large audience and a renowned jury, and to win the capital for their start into business. The award „Best of Seed“ is sponsored by the KARL KOLLE Foundation and comes with EUR 3,000 in prize money. The winner of this award was FEMTURE won the "Best of Seed" award. FEMTURE's mission is to close the tech talent gap by recruiting, re-training and retaining women in tech. Unfortunately, they were not able to join us at the Investors Day 13.


burkhard jung

Burkhard Jung (Mayor of the City of Leipzig) at the HHL Investors Day 2016


Previous Winners

Previous Investors Days


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