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Our startup program benefits

  • No equity, no shares

  • Personalized coaching and individualized mentorship

  • International pool of investors

  • Pilot projects and access to an extensive partner network

  • Enhanced brand visibility

  • Engaged ecosystem

  • Supportive community

  • Free admission or discounts to conferences and events

  • Office space for free and tech deals

up to 50,000€ in free funding

Startups accepted into our program will receive 6,000€ in free funding from us to help cover your living costs while you are attending our hybrid program. Additionally, there are prizes available for the best pitch and most sustainable idea at our Investors Day, which can bring your total of free money up to 50,000€.


1.7 Mio 

Average Investment Per Startup


SpinLab Startups' Survival Rate


Startups Supported Since 2015


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  • SpinLab Class 15
  • SpinLab Space
  • SpinLab Accelerator Program

How to apply for our hybrid startup accelerator program

We are looking for startups in the field of energy, smart city/digital city, eHealth, and cross-functional industries.

You can apply in either German or English, but business-level fluency in at least one of these languages is required to participate in our startup accelerator program.

1. We need your startup’s pitch deck

First, you should upload your current and up-to-date pitch deck as a PDF (10-15 slides) or pitching video (7-10min). Your pitch should include all the typical information:

  • What is the problem?
  • What is your solution (product or service)?
  • Who are customers?
  • What is the size of the market?
  • Who are the competitors? How do you make money?
  • Who are you (team)?
  • Action plan /Financial planning

2. Your startup must submit our official application form on F6S

Applying to our program is easy and straight-forward. Simply submit your application on f6s.com, a popular international startup platform that is used by many leading accelerators worldwide, before the above-stated deadline.



Application Requirements

Nobody said it was easy. We're looking for the world's brightest and most driven entrepreneurs so we can help you smash your goals and elevate them to the next level. But we won't take just any old startup through our coveted doors. Check out the requirements below.


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  • SpinLab football kicker
  • SpinLab Swing
  • SpinLab Foyer Event

We are proud to have been awarded multiple times as Europe's top-ranked startup accelerator 

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We help startups scale


Amazing potential for pilot projects 

Strong business relationships and first customers are crucial for helping an early stage startup grow and scale quickly. We can help you land pilot projects with global players such as Porsche, Deutsche Bank, DELL, Leipziger Gruppe, VNG, and AOK.

True Internationalization 

Our accelerator operates in both English and German, as long as your startup can communicate fluently in one of these languages we welcome you to apply! Furthermore, if you want to expand internationally, we have excellent partnerships with international companies and the HHL that can help you plan your internationalization right from the start.

Nothing is taken from your startup 

We’re unique in the sense that we take ZERO equity, shares, or intellectual property from your startup. Your company stays as much yours when you finish our program, as it was before you ever started with us. Our main goal is to push you to success.

Hybrid Program 

We are located in Leipzig. During our focus weeks, please come to our headquarter to get the most out of our program. The rest of the program is online. We’re housed at Spinnerei in Leipzig, in a re-invigorated cultural and art industrial hub in Leipzig. The environment here will inspire you to be your best, day in and day out. 

Meet Dashfactory, one of our Alumni Startups and learn all about how they used our program to scale fast.



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