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10 female founders in Europe you should know

22 January 2024

We all know the typical startup scene tends to be male dominated, but hopefully not for much longer! The following list features brilliant female founders who are bringing their ideas and passion to shake up the startup world. Given the strength of female founders within the SpinLab community, we've dedicated this list to highlighting women in our portfolio.

Anetta Platek-Mielczarek

In under a year, Anetta alongside her co-founders, established the energy startup Unbound Potential. With a fully operational laboratory and workshop, they secured successful funding. Unbound Potential is focused on developing, constructing, and scaling an innovative membraneless redox-flow battery. From the Federal Agency for disruptive Innovation, the startup received 3 million euros in funding to further develop its membrane-free battery technology.

Alexandra Kammer

As Co-founder and Chief Diversity Office of Aivy, a recruiting tool aiming to reduce biases in the recruiting process and promote fair chances in the work market, Alexandra Kammer has incorporated her passion for diversity into her daily business.

Anina Langhans And Helena Rapprich

Together with our strategic partner AOK PLUS, we selected LipoCheck for class #16. LipoCheck is the first #AI-assisted health platform utilized by lipedema patients and medical professionals to detect, document, provide care, and better understand lipedema. The health startup was founded by the sisters Helena Rapprich and Anina Langhans, along with their father Stefan Rapprich, who is a physician with over 30 years of experience in the field.

Cindy Schüller

Cindy Schüller is Co-founder of Planted. The Climate tech startup, aids companies in achieving their sustainability objectives comprehensively and in compliance with reporting standards. Planted integrates local climate initiatives with advanced software solutions, empowering companies to collaboratively manage emissions with their employees. Services include ESG quick checks, double materiality assessments, CO₂ emission calculations, identification of potential savings, and offsetting unavoidable emissions.

Carolin Maier

Carolin Maier is the Co-founder of the Leipzig-based company MAIA specializes in intelligent software solutions tailored for SMEs in the DACH region. The startup is redefining standards in data analysis and daily knowledge management across all company sectors using AI, propelling the digital transformation of SMEs to new heights.

Isabell Claus

From 2012 to the founders' team exit in 2018, she played a pivotal role in the leadership team at RadarCyberSecurity, the European market leader in continuous cybersecurity monitoring. During her tenure, the startup evolved from scratch into one of the Top 100 fastest-growing companies in the EMEA region, earning consecutive awards from Financial Times and Deloitte for five years. Post the successful venture acquisition by a major German corporation, Isabell co-founded her second tech company, thinkers.ai. This company based in Leipzig and Vienna specializes in automating manual web research and visualizing crucial results that each user shouldn't overlook.

Dr.-Ing. Maroua Taghouti

From scientist to founder. Marouah is Chief Technology Officer and founder of bitteiler. The startup develops an innovative communication platform that enables efficient and secure data management for large IoT systems. The solution promises to reduce the amount of data generated by sensors before transmission by up to 90%. This results in significant cost savings in data transmission and storage.

Nora Mehl

In 2019, Nora co-founded aidhere. The startup created the digital obesity app Zanadio, among the first officially approved Digital Health Applications (DiGAs). In 2023, aidhere was acquired by Reykjavik-based global digital therapeutics provider, Sidekick Health. This strategic move expands Sidekick's offerings into prescription therapeutics and keeps the DiGA app, zanadio, available for prescriptions.

DR. Tina Ruseva

Dr. Tina Ruseva is an author, speaker, and founder of Mentessa. She iss developing a collaborative platform that uses AI to automate and democratize knowledge sharing and networking within the company. The "digital mentor" ensures a silo-free corporate culture and up-to-date, authentic data on skills and abilities within the company. Most recently, she was selected as a Top Voice on LinkedIn. In addition to that, she advocates for diversity and empowerment, acting as a true inspiration.

Celesley Torres

Written by Celesley Torres

Upon completing her degree in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig, Celesley continues to support the SpinLab team by creating content on our e-learning platform and organizing external and internal SpinLab events. 

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