Axel Kahl

Axel Kahl

Axel Kahl is a native of Leipzig and has 22 years of experience in finance, banking and the insurance industry. He not only worked for large corporations, but also in two different startups in the areas of business development, sales and networking. Especially his time in Germany's probably first Fintech shaped his way of working. Currently, he is the key accountant for startups in Germany at A.B.S Global Factoring AG and advises them on their liquidity in the growth phase. He thereby plays a key role in securing the future of these companies.

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How to finance your growth phase if the house bank is no longer willing to support?

By Axel Kahl on 26 April 2019

Even if the media likes to report on ambitious startups that earn a lot of money with a profitable exit, in practice no founder knows exactly what to expect after the foundation. A high is followed by a low and vice versa - but typically a startup company usually goes through the same, categorisable development phases.

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