Matthew McDermott

Matthew McDermott

Matthew has advised companies on business model innovation, sustainability and crowdfunding in Egypt, India and Germany. He studied Philosophy & Economics in Bayreuth and worked as Dealflow-Manager for Seedmatch before joining SpinLab.

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Crowdfunding a Startup: 10 proven tactics that still hold true for 2021

By Matthew McDermott on 10 December 2020

Crowdfunding has come a long way. What started with pioneer Kickstarter a little over a decade ago, has become a booming and crowded space with many stories of record-breaking success.

And, of course, failures that have kicked off more sh*tstorms than anyone can keep track of, and sometimes even lawsuits, by disappointed backers. Along the way the market has diversified into basically any vertical one could imagine (e.g. enables scientists to crowdfund their research) and the first platforms have come and gone.

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