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Coworking Leipzig in 2020: A guide for newcomers

09 January 2020

There is a diverse and vibrant ecosystem of coworking spaces in Leipzig. Coworking spaces are great for the ones looking for affordable and flexible, yet professional workspace options, networking opportunities and good company.

Early-stage founders, young entrepreneurs, startup teams or freelancers can choose from a wide range of leipzig coworking options: ranging from easy-going and alternative atmospheres to functional places with professional business environments.

These coworking spaces here in Leipzig offer different services and packages but all of them rely on the same basic infrastructure consisting of office furniture, high-speed internet, printer and access to a kitchen. Additionally, some of them provide lockers, office supplies, and multimedia tools.

The three most common options for using said coworking spaces are “day ticket”, “flex desk per month” (no own desk) and “fix desk per month” (fixed, own desk). Some coworking spaces just offer the third option: The cheapest deal is 95 € per month for a fix desk. The price for a day ticket is between and 10 € and 15 €, the price for a flex desk starts from 99 € per month.

Side note, unfortunately the SpinLab doesn't make this list itself, since our co-working space is exclusive to our current and alumni Startups that have gone through our startup accelerator program :(

But where are the coworking spaces in Leipzig and who should you contact if you're interested? In the following, fourteen of them are presented to give you a good overview where to look for a space to work in Leipzig and what to expect.

A quick glimpse at 14 Leipzig Coworking Spaces that are available for you

1. Basislager Coworking


A glimpse into the Basislager Coworking Space in Leipzig. (Photo courtesy of basislager.co) A glimpse into the Basislager Coworking Space in Leipzig. (Photo courtesy of basislager.co)


The Basislager was founded in 2015 and is located near the city centre in the South of Leipzig. On an area of 1,500 m2 on five floors, this is THE original coworking space in Leipzig which provides approximately 100 workspaces, meeting rooms, common recreation areas, telephone booths and an outside area in the backyard.

The Basislager sees itself primarily as a coworking space for early-stage founders und startup teams. The interior fits the startup vibe. Apart from the space, Basislager and their network of corporate supporters offer a range of additional services, among them opportunities for funding.


  • from 160 € per flex desk per month (excl. VAT)
  • 200€ per fixed desk per month

Address: Peterssteinweg 14, 04107 Leipzig
Website: https://www.basislager.co

2. Raumstation Coworking Leipzig

At home you do everything - with us you can work

Is the motto of Raumstation. In order to fulfill this promise, they offer a top floor office with industrial charm and a sun deck.

The coworking space is located in the West of Leipzig in an old wallpaper factory and provides approximately 20 desks on more than 100 m2. Since 2011, it has been a place for freelancers and employees working from home.


  • 16€ per day
  • from 160 € per flex desk per month (incl. VAT)
  • fixed desk pricing 190€ per month

Address: Lützner Straße 91, 04177 Leipzig
Website: http://www.raumstation-coworking.de

3. sekretär coworking

Located just ten minutes from the central train station in the East of Leipzig and next to the lively Eisenbahnstraße with kiosks, cafés and takeaway food restaurants, the sekretär is a simple and easy-going coworking space for creative minds working in web, art, design, journalism and science.

Prices: 95 € per fix desk per month
Address: Neustädter Markt 4, 04315 Leipzig
Website: https://www.sekretaer-coworking.de/

4. South L.E. Desktops

As the name suggests, South LE. Desktop is located in the South of Leipzig and offers freelancers a functional place to work outside from home. There are four rooms with work spaces and coffee corner for a little chat.

Price: from 160 € per fix desk per month
Address: Scheffelstraße, 04277 Leipzig
Website: https://www.south-le-desktops.de/

5. Studio Delta

Coworking Leipzig: Easier than you may think! Photo Courtesy of studiodelta.de


In 2011 Studio Delta opened its doors. Nowadays, it accommodates 23 office rooms at two locations in the West of Leipzig. Apart from coworking spaces, some offices are also available for teams or small businesses.

Studio Delta says: “We see ourselves as a community and coworking office for freelancers and employees from all industries”. A large recreation area and a meeting room are included in the offer by Studio Delta.


  • 18€ per day
  • from 170 € per flex desk per month (excl. VAT)
  • fixed desk from 190€ per month (excl. VAT)

Address:  Demmeringstr. 57 und Angerstr. 40-42, 04177 Leipzig
Website: https://www.studiodelta.de/

6. chaos coworking Space

Engineers, entrepreneurs and creative minds gather around the foosball table at chaos coworking Space in the West of Leipzig. Since this 160 m2 coworking space is part of the Kulturhafen Riverboat, there is a direct access to the Karl-Heine Canal. And there is more on offer: 16 working spaces, four office rooms, meeting rooms, a recreation area as well as inhouse founder coaching and a communication agency.

Prices: from 99 € per flex desk per month (excl. VAT)
Address: Erich-Zeigner-Allee 45, 04229 Leipzig
Website: http://www.chaos-coworking.de

7. Eis30

The name says it all: Eisenbahnstraße 30 in the East of the Leipzig is home to Eis30. The Eis30 is the hip youngster among the coworking spaces in Leipzig and opened it doors not too long ago.

The 110 m2 offer 10 working spaces, a meeting room and and a sun deck. Freelancers, artists and startup teams are welcome at Eis30.

Prices: 140 € per fix desk per month (excl. VAT)
Address: Eisenbahnstr. 30, 04315 Leipzig
Website: http://www.eventundmarke.de/coworking/

8. Design Offices Deutsche Post

The coworking spaces at Design Offices Deutsche Post in the city center of Leipzig are brand-new!

The design and infrastructure are very modern and represent a professional business environment. Therefore, this coworking space is more costly than others in Leipzig.

Price: from 290 € per fix desk per month (excl. VAT)
Address: Augustusplatz 1-4, 04109 Leipzig
Website: https://www.designoffices.de/standorte/leipzig-post/coworking-spaces/

9. SimpliOffice

Simplioffice is one of the newer leipzig coworking spaces Photo Courtesy of simplioffice.de


SimpliOffice is another coworking space in the city center of Leipzig! It offers a wide range of services apart from the basic infrastructure: a fitness area, showers, catering, meeting and event area, a recreational area, telephone booths and a foosball table. The interior is neat and modern. The costs for a flex desk at SimpliOffice are therefore in the more premium pricing category.


  • from 99 € per flex desk per month
  • max 350€ per fixed desk per month (prices excl. VAT)

Address: Petersstraße 50 / Eingang Markgrafenstraße 2, 04109 Leipzig
Website: https://simplioffice.de/leipzig/

10. Heimann & Friends

Heimann & Friends have been in business for the last 15 years! They offer 15 working spaces in the South of Leipzig plus a meeting room and a reception. Heimann & Friends stress that they do not just offer a nice coworking space but also a network of young entrepreneurs in Leipzig.

Price: 220 € per fix desk per month (excl. VAT)
Address: Karl Liebknecht Straße 2a, 04107 Leipzig
Website: https://www.heimann-friends.de/coworking-heimann-friends/

11. Die Villa Leipzig

The only coworking option in the North of Leipzig is Die Villa Leipzig. On an area of 140 m2, Die Villa Leipzig provides founders, startups and companies with coworking spaces, offices, meeting rooms, a reception and a billiard table. The building from 1900 was completely renovated in 2014/2015 and has a functional interior.

Price: from 110€ per fix desk per month
Address: Essener Straße 100, 04357 Leipzig
Website: https://die-villa-leipzig.de/

12. Bürogemeinschaft

The Bürogemeinschaft offers eight coworking spaces, a meeting room, a reception and a kitchen on 103 m2 in the city center of Leipzig. The aim of this small coworking space ist to offer the best conditions to get all advantages of a serious business appearance at a reasonable price.

Price: from 149€ per fix desk per month
Address: Lutherstraße 11, 04315 Leipzig
Website: https://www.leipzig-coworking.de/

13. rent24

Rent24 runs coworking spaces around the globe. One of them is located on the 6th floor of the City Tower - Leipzig’s tallest building - in the city center. The modern designed place includes private offices, open space, meeting rooms, a lounge area and an activity room with a kicker and a playstation.

On top, weekly networking events are hosted to meet with other entrepreneurs, freelancers and creative minds.

Price: from 195 € per flex desk per month (exl. VAT)
Address: Augustusplatz 9, 04109 Leipzig
Website: https://www.rent24.com/en/locations/leipzig/augustusplatz-9/


Coworking space, meeting rooms, a fab lab and a sales area - all in one go! This unique combination can be found in the city center of Leipzig at URBN JUNGLE on 600 m2. Creative entrepreneurs, startups and businesses can choose between own offices and coworking spaces.

Price: 185 € per flex desk per month (excl. VAT)
Address: Brühl 64-66, 04109 Leipzig

Leipzig Coworking Space pricing at a glance

Wow, that was a lot of information! In case you need a quick reference guide we've put together the following table so you can see what space offers what, and for how much. It is updated as of January 2020, if you've got any other questions, please do let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: We aren't affiliated with any of the co-working spaces listed in this article and we have only pulled the prices from the existing information on their sites. We hold assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the pricing or terms listed in this article.

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