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Startup Corporate Collaboration: FlyNex Case Study

By Linh Pham on 20 January 2023

Drones are taking on more and more tasks and will soon be an essential part of everyday life. These small flying machines can do much more than just deliver packages or take beautiful video recordings. The drone industry is booming: By 2025, the German drone market will grow to more than €1.6 billion. One of the pioneers of drone technology is FlyNex.

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Startup-Corporate Collaboration: eCovery Case Study

By Linh Pham on 24 May 2022

After an injury, many patients need physiotherapeutic care. For this, they usually visit an ambulant practice several times a week. However, independent training at home is just as important for the success of the therapy. There are usually no guided exercises for this and if there are, the instructions are often difficult to understand and not very motivating. 

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Startup-Corporate Collaboration:Keleya Case Study

By Linh Pham on 04 January 2022

Victoria Engelhardt entered the entrepreneurial world with a mission: to provide reliable support to women during their pregnancy. With that, Keleya was born. Almost every pregnant woman has to deal with different physical complaints during pregnancy, such as morning sickness or back pain. Many questions arise with the first child and this can be very overwhelming. When looking for solutions, as well as for questions about the right diet or exercise, for example, women tend to be confused rather than being really helped. Back then, solutions for pregnant women only offer one-size-fits-all content or are offline (e.g. birth preparation classes) and hence inflexible or often booked up.

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