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6 Project management tools for startups

By Michèle Tille on 07 December 2022

Startup team members often work in many different areas and rely on visibility and quick access to updates that happen anywhere in the company in real time. Good project management will get you ahead. But around 40% of all projects fail. This is attributed to the Whiscy-Syndrome (Why Isn’t Sam Coding Yet), which means that people start motivated with working on a project, but they realize along the way that the goals have not been precisely defined.

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Basic rules to boost the cybersecurity level in your startup

By Hendrik Schulze on 30 November 2022

Ignoring IT Security is one of the most expensive tech debts a startup can take. Yes, you save some time and money at the very beginning of your startup journey. But the price of a security breach, a data loss or only fixing all the mess that had been done at the very beginning could be that high that it will kick you out of the game along the road. Not only will you incur major costs, but perhaps worse, you lose the trust of investors, partners, and customers. 

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There is more than post corona IT in 2023 - Trendreport

By Lukas Zechel on 17 November 2022

The effects of the Corona pandemic and the steadily increasing use of cloud services are changing the world of work and confronting many IT managers with entirely new challenges. They have to take on new areas of responsibility and fulfill the new requirements for flexibility and automation at all levels. The core disciplines of IT strategy, IT security, IT infrastructure, software, data, and processes remain the same, but the underlying challenges in these areas have evolved.  The trends that are emerging for 2023 will require new changes:

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