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6 Project management tools for startups

07 December 2022

Startup team members often work in many different areas and rely on visibility and quick access to updates that happen anywhere in the company in real time. Good project management will get you ahead. But around 40% of all projects fail. This is attributed to the Whiscy-Syndrome (Why Isn’t Sam Coding Yet), which means that people start motivated with working on a project, but they realize along the way that the goals have not been precisely defined.

SL Blog Project Management Lifecycle graphicThe project life cycle includes a number of project phases or process groups: the initiation, planning, execution, and monitoring phases, as well as the finalization of the project.

With all the tasks and different projects, it's easy to lose track of everything. This is where project management tools steps in. There are countless project management tools on the market that are supposed to make our everyday work more efficient and optimally support us in managing projects and processes. But which programs really get us ahead? 

Here are our top 6 project management tools you should check out: 


With its multiple features such as branding customization, portfolio management, customer service, and data erasure, Asana is one of the most popular tools on the market.

Costs: Free version for teams at the beginning / two other packages between 10,99-24,99 € per month and user

Special features: Creation of project plans and linking of tasks and deadlines so that time bottlenecks are clearly visible in the event of changes 

 Integration interfaces with e.g.: Zapier, MailChimp, Slack, Salesforce and outlook


monday is a project management software with more than 152.000 customers worldwide and  known for its time-saving features and automation.

Costs: Free version for up to two users / two other packages between 8-20 € per month and user /one Enterprise package on demand

Special features: There are 5 industry-specific alignment packages (sales, marketer, work management, CRM, DEV)

Integration interfaces with e.g.: Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, Excel


Wirke has over 2.3 million users and is known for the report generator and the possibility to follow different projects in one calendar, so it’s a multi-project capable management program.

Costs: Free version for teams at the beginning / two other packages between 9,80-24,80 USD / one Enterprise package on demand 

Special features: Tailor-made solutions for marketing and creative teams 

Integration interfaces with e.g.: Microsoft, Office, Google


This project management tool offers a lot of integration possibilities and has the goal to unite as many interfaces as possible. With this platform you have the results from many tools at a glance. 

Costs: Free version for up to two projects / three other packages between 5-16 USD per month and user /one Enterprise package on demand

Special features: With nifty you can easily import your work status from other project management tools like asana, Trello and Wirke, but also for e.g. Excel sheets can be easily imported to continue working on them

Integration interfaces with e.g.: Harvest, Webex, Zoom, Slack, Github, Microsoft Suit, Google Drive & Calendar, Miro, Typeform


With rocketlane, you can not just organize internal projects but external projects with clients as well.

Costs:  Two packages between 19-49 USD per month and user /one Enterprise package on demand

Special features: Customer communication via rocketlane / control what to share with the customer

Integration interfaces with e.g.: Zapier, Salesforce, Slack, Jira


Here is an insider tip for startups that like to support other startups: smenso helps you with modern project and portfolio management. The tool is designed for international use by medium-sized customers throughout the DACH region and developed in Germany. and is 100% DSGVO compliant.

Costs: Starting at 10 € per month (depending on the number of users /one Enterprise package on demand

Special features:  If you are working with OKRs in your startup, smenso enables you to define OKR goals and concrete measures.

Integration interfaces with e.g.: Microsoft, Jira Cloud, SAP Integration 

All the mentioned tools are quite similar and include a variety of functions depending on the tariff. Therefore you should consider the purpose and goals of use beforehand in order to select the right tool. Now it’s up to you to decide which program is the best opportunity to achieve your company goals. But remember, project management tools can support us, make us more efficient, but in the end it is still the people who make projects successful.

Note: This article is not sponsored. 

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Michèle Tille

Written by Michèle Tille

Michèle holds a master's degree in Innovation, Leadership & Entrepreneurship. In the past years, she worked in a consulting company as well as self-employed. Since 2022 she is part of the SpinLab team and focuses now on Innovation and Strategy.

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