Dirk Frohnert

Dirk Frohnert

Dirk is a co-founder of Smart Infrastructure Ventures (‘SIVentures’) – the first private VC fund in the new German states. SIVentures focusses on early-stage investments in German startups within energy, smart city, ehealth and related sectors. In his former career Dirk was a fund manager at JPMorgan in London for more than a decade.

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COVID-19 & Funding for startups: How the landscape will evolve

By Dirk Frohnert on 27 April 2020

Despite a different trigger, the current period of unusual turbulences and its impact on the economic situation has many similarities to former large crises of the past few decades (e.g. burst of the dotcom bubble, global financial crisis, European sovereign crisis): in general a high degree of uncertainty, financial distress & large volatility in publicly traded markets followed by a global economic downturn of unknown severity and length.

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