Stefanie Wettmann

Stefanie Wettmann

Stefanie is the lead content creator and relations manager for Startup Mitteldeutschland, an online magazine dedicated to startup activity happening within Central Germany. She's worked numerous posts within Leipzig's startup scene, and is passionate about reporting on the topic. 

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Let’s talk about the third HHL SpinLab Investors Day

By Stefanie Wettmann on 20 June 2019

The first HHL SpinLab Investors Day of the year took place at a location which probably provides the best view over Leipzig - at the Felix, just across from Augustusplatz - Startups and Investors met and engaged in several activities like Pitches and Speed Dating. The event was organized by the HHL and the SpinLab. Central Topics of this years Investor Day were Team Due Diligence and Brand Management.

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