Swantje Jung

Swantje Jung

Swantje is the marketing manager at SpinLab. Swantje brings her experience from working in one of the leading technology companies for market and product intelligence in Germany. And therefore gained extensive experience and deep insights in the field of marketing in the past years. She found her passion in writing and designing award applications.

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10 FemTech startups from Germany you should know

By Swantje Jung on 03 November 2022

The health care system has historically suffered from a gender bias, with women's health being underfunded, underserved, and overlooked. Misdiagnosis due to a lack of symptom catalogs for women, incorrect medication because pharmaceuticals are primarily tested on men, and limited to no knowledge of one's own body are the bitter consequences. But rescue is in sight! (Female) founders and startups are using technology to close the gender health gap. FemTech, or female technology, is a new field in medicine that focuses on women's health and uses technology-based products and services to track and assess symptoms, provide expert advice, and help women better understand their bodies.  With wearables, softwares, mobile apps and other digital tools, the FemTech industry is growing rapidly - by 2025, the value of femtech companies is expected to exceed $50 billion. In this article, we introduce you to ten emerging FemTech startups from Germany poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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