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Financial Times Ranking: SpinLab and RootCamp among Top Startup-Hubs in Europe

Mar 14, 2024 9:30:00 AM

SpinLab and RootCamp are positioned among the top Startup Hubs in Europe, as highlighted in the recent ranking "Europe's Leading Startup Hubs 2024" by the Financial Times and Statista. We have secured the 2nd place in Germany, placing us among the top 3 Accelerators in the Germany. In an international comparison, we achieved 12th place, making us one of the top 15 in Europe.

Financial Times Siegel

In collaboration with the Financial Times, Statista conducted the ranking of leading European Startup - Hubs in 2024. The evaluation considered physically based hubs in Europe that have been active since at least 2019 and offer at least one incubator or accelerator program. The overall evaluation was based on various criteria: Alumni ratings, accounting for 85%, were based on aspects such as mentoring, infrastructure, legal support, funding, and network.The evaluation incorporated feedback from alumni of both SpinLab and RootCamp. Startup success contributed 10% to the overall evaluation, while expert recommendations comprised 5%.

SpinLab announced the opening of a new location in Germany as a further milestone for 2024. The expansion underlines the accelerator's efforts to establish the successful model in even more locations. Moreover, plans for international expansion are underway, with a focus on Eastern European cities in the initial phase.

"This recognition is a notable validation of our team's accomplishments at our Leipzig and Hannover locations. The ranking incorporates valuable feedback from founders, underscoring our strong performance. Our strategy revolves around consistently and sustainably enhancing startup ecosystems in cities with significant potential. We are committed to further refining the quality of our services for startups and esteemed corporate partners like K+S, VNG AG, and AOK Plus. Moreover, we have plans to extend our impact through new initiatives at additional locations," commented Dr. Eric Weber, Founder and CEO of SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator.

Gaia Amatteis, COO of RootCamp, emphasizes, "Achieving this significant ranking reinforces our contribution and essential role in the European startup ecosystem. We take pride in this acknowledgment and consistently utilize our expertise and resources to support promising startups. As experts in Venture Clienting, we effectively serve as a bridge between corporates and startups, fostering fruitful partnerships. We eagerly anticipate connecting more companies with startups and propelling innovative projects forward."

The ranking "Europe's Leading Startup-Hubs 2024"

Statista identified approximately 2000 potential organizations across Europe through databases and other open sources that meet these criteria. The ranking recognizes a total of 125 Startup - Hubs from 19 countries. The survey and analysis phase took place between July and October 2023.

Want to be part of one of the best startup hubs in Europe? Apply for the SpinLab Accelerator Program. We are regularly looking for startups in the fields of ehealth, energy, smart city and cross-sectional technologies.
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