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A few days after joining SpinLab, memoresa launches its platform

May 15, 2020 9:00:52 AM

Just a few days after joining SpinLab – the HHL Accelerator, memoresa launches its new online platform with user-friendly tools for the structured storage of important account and account information.

Contracts, insurances, memberships - and the appropriate log-ins, terms or notice periods: it is not always easy to keep track of important matters. Starting today, 15 May, the newly launched online platform memoresa will offer a simple and user-friendly solution for systematically, quickly and securely organising accounts and accounts. With memoresa, those can be digitally regulated - for now, later or even forever. Because users can share the documents, information and messages stored on memoresa with trusted third parties. This also means that digital estates can be managed securely and easily. Sensitive data such as passwords are not stored on the platform. The development of memoresa is based on advice from the team of legal experts around Prof. Dr. Felix Buchmann.

memoresa works like this: In easy-to-follow steps, the user is systematically guided through a digital classification system to be able to manage all accounts with the necessary overview. Whether social media account or mobile phone contract: for each topic there is a digital drawer that can be opened with one click. It is also very easy to store important documents: instead of endless forms, invoices can be forwarded by e-mail (as of version 2.0), photos of documents can be uploaded via the app or the browser plug-in (as of version 2.0) can be used. After this step memoresa automatically extracts the relevant information. This means that memoresa not only uploads documents, but also captures relevant content. For example, monthly cost statements are possible. On this basis, various sorting options and overviews are possible.

With the help of SpinLab, they have big plans: "We have recently been chosen to join the new class of SpinLab. This is strategically important for us to maintain contacts with investors and partners. In the next two years we want to penetrate not only the German market, but also the Spanish market and gain a foothold in the UK. It is clear, however, that we are not at an end of our journey: We want to roll out our platform worldwide", says Jörg Schädlich, co-founder of memoresa.

Clara Fischer

Written by Clara Fischer

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