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Application starts now!

Dec 21, 2014 1:42:30 PM

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21st Dec 2014


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Founders of innovative, technology-oriented and scalable start-ups can apply for the program offered by the SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator now on our new website.

The six-month program will support interdisciplinary teams from February 2015 with the implementation and growth of their founding projects. They can use a co-working office with state-of-the art equipment on the premises of Spinnerei, an old cotton mill now serving as a center for creativity, and will obtain access to various technologies offered by the partners.

In addition to intensive coaching, the founding teams will also benefit from a high-caliber mentoring program. Teams from all over Germany will be able to use all offers free of charge when accepted into the new founders' program. Neither HHL nor Spinnerei will ask for financial contributions from the start-ups. The participants may also access a network of investors and founding experts. Eric Weber, CEO of the SpinLab, says, "With the SpinLab, we are promoting Leipzig as a location for founders by using HHL's competencies and outstanding network to establish an open accelerator program for start-ups from all over Germany here in this city." The program starts in February 2015 for select founding teams.

SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator is a joint project by HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, which has received multiple awards and honors, and the internationally renowned Leipzig Spinnerei. The Accelerator is financed by funds from investors and established businesses.



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