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Business Angel round for Neuronade

Jan 22, 2018 5:01:41 PM

22nd Jan 2018

End of 2017 was very intensive for our alumni team Neuronade! Besides increasing their sales of their core product - the Neuronade think drink - on an international level, they also launched several new products.

By selling topic-centered product boxes - for example a student semester box around the topic learning - they really hit an interesting market around their core product Neuronade. Alltogether, this increased the sales volume (which was btw. on a good level already) by factor 10.

Till 2018 the company was funded through their own sales as well as a loan by a bank. Now the founders Chris Volke and Florian Mack convinced a business angel to invest a six-digit sum into the company. With a high demand on the market and some financial flexibility, Neuronade will further expand their current business as well as create new products. Moreover, Neuronade plans to sell several products via local retail.

Great to see it growing.



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