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Innovative and ambitious, get ready for the ninth class in the SpinLab

Oct 9, 2019 4:44:07 PM

Another round has arrived. Class 9 arrived this past Monday here in the SpinLab, and they're determined to keep pushing innovation - especially in the areas of Energy, Smart City, and eHealth. This class's concepts contain new concepts such as energy producing algae, virtual therapy that helps combat paralysis, and dashcams for the cyclist market.

We've got a diverse round of startups for our newest round, and we're excited to get started with them.

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Introducing Class 9

DENKweit GmbH, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, is a young company from Halle an der Saale. DENKweit combines innovative sensor technology with its own modern machine-learning algorithms for data evaluation. In this way, we create unique solutions for our customers' complex problems with a strong focus on clear answers and simple applicability.

Sticki has identified that every day we spend 2h searching for information and feel stressed because we get interrupted all the time. Stiki gives growing teams a central location to share information that deserves to last longer than a few minutes in Slack. Store your notes, knowledge, and ideas in Stiki so that others can be informed and inspired later.

Dashbike develops and markets safety products for individual mobility, starting with the bicycle market. With our patented and legally secure Dashcam we solve the problem of 95% of all cyclists. In addition to actively increasing traffic safety through improved visibility, we offer legal security in the event of damage. Dashbike can save lives and the recordings can undoubtedly be used as evidence in court.

At Agranimo we are digitising micro-climate using real-time sensor data and remote sensing to understand its impact on plant development. We transform it into plant-specific indicators to make farm management and climate adaptation more efficient, forecast production volumes, create insurance policies and improve food logistics.

mementor knows that sleep disorders have become a major health concern. With our digital sleep training we can solve this problem by offering evidence based insomnia treatment according to international treatment guidelines at significantly lower costs than standard therapy regardless of the availability of a clinician, from anywhere, at any time and with virtually no access barriers.

Aumio is a therapeutic training for children who suffer mental health distress. Using a conversational UI Aumio screens for psychotherapeutic needs and provides individualised courses on mindfulness. Children and their parents complete trainings by following a character in space, and thus casually learn how to live a mindful and balanced life. Aumio is a playful approach to psychotherapeutic help by connecting the effects of storytelling, mindfulness and therapeutic intervention in one app.

dieEnergiekoppler provides the technology “Flexibilitätswerk” for creating regional energy cells combining the sectors electricity, heat and mobility, with renewable energy sources and communicative connected devices like heat pumps, fuel cells and e-cars to a swarm (40% less integration effort of devices by decentral intelligence and high automation level). EK makes flexibility of small energy systems useable for regional balancing (grid-stabilization and supply guarantee) and trading (20% additional revenues).

Rehago helps half-paralyzed people (e.g. after a stroke) to get back into their everyday lives faster. We do this with modern Virtual Reality (VR) Software, which helps translate the commonly used Mirror Therapy exercizes into VR. The training becomes more entertaining and motivational and can help more effectively than other training methods. Plus, with out therapist-app (in development), the occupational therapist can see, what their patient is doing and how they are improving.

Solaga has identified that global air pollution and the lasting emissions by fossile fuels are threatening our health and our climate. Microalgae biofilms are living materials which actively trap and consume air pollutants. Based on this process, innovative living green-walls were designed as an natural and decorative solution for bad indoor air. Solagas goal is to go one step further and expand this concept to an outdoor-application that combats outdoor air pollution and is making cities greener by turning air pollutants into future clean bioenergy

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Written by Shawn Segundo

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