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Funding for our alumni team Merolt

Dec 1, 2015 1:31:36 PM

01st Dec 2015

Merolt is a young, ambitious and growing company from Leipzig with the aim of making the hotel booking for companies more cost-effective and simpler. They revolutionize the hotel booking for frequent business travelers and enable especially small to medium-sized companies direct access to extremely favorable volume-based rates. In this regard, Merolt is consistently focused on the requirements and desires of business travelers to develop an intuitive customized hotel portal with intelligent travel management aspects.

Merolt was part of the first SpinLab class started in February 2015. During the six-month program period, they developed their business model and finished the concept for the hotel portal. Recently local as well as international Business Angels, including the founders of Flaconi, MisterSpex and eWings.com, invested a six-figure amount in the young startup. By now Merolt works in the new SpinLab Offices at the Spinnerei-area.


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