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Sensape receives funding from Sächsische Beteiligungsgesellschaft!

Nov 30, 2016 12:07:02 PM

30th Nov 2016

SpinLumni startup Sensape provides digital information, and advertisement systems, to customers of all sizes.They use interative advertising solutions to build the missing link between tradition and digital transformation, anywhere people interact with various products. You can read about one of Sensape's success stories here.

After winning several prices and grants such as Finodex (worth 135.000 Euro), the EXIST scholarship (worth 125.000 Euro) or IKT Innovativ (worth 30.000 Euro), Sensape was recently awarded a mid-range six digit funding amount from Sächsiche Beteiligungsgesellschaft (SBG) as their first external investment. The money will be used to accelerate technology development and sales. Customers and partners of Sensape include the SpinLab partners Deutsche Postbank and Schwäbisch Hall (DZ Bank Group), but also other well known companies such as Messe München, Brunel or WallDecaux.


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