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AI & Advanced Analytics: Smart City Meetup with Startups and DELL

Sep 10, 2020 12:19:09 PM

How can Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics help to build smarter cities? Which technologies help us make smarter decisions based on data such as air quality?

Following up on the last successful Smart City 2050 Meetup with DELL, we would like demonstrate and discuss real solutions for cities and communities. Together with Robert Heinecke from Breeze Technologies and Jürgen Pruss from DELL Technologies, we will take a look at best practices and find out which know-how and algorithms are needed to build solutions that will our lives.

Schedule for the event:
15:00 Welcome
15:05 Smart City Projects
15:50 Smart City Projects: Q&A
16:00 Break
16:10 AI & Analytics
16:50 AI & Analytics Q&A

AI Smart Cities Meetup

The event will take place online. Spoken language will be German only. Register here for free to participate.


Clara Fischer

Written by Clara Fischer

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