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The 4th Class at SpinLab is officially underway!

Oct 6, 2016 1:15:58 PM

06th Oct 2016 

DIPAT – Die Patientenverfügung. DIPAT is the inventor of effective online living wills and adjoining documents. Our self-developed algorithm for automated medical consultation provides a solution to the problem, that 90% of all living wills in Germany are medically ineffective, due to their lack of precision and physical unavailability in an emergency.

Explicates is making energy efficiency monitoring and analysis simpler by providing engineers with the tools they actually need without costly superfluous platforms or the manual processing alternative. Designed by engineers for engineers within the context of a rapidly evolving industry, we offer a versatile and agnostic module based system providing energy engineers with all the simplicity or complexity they desire.

poqit.berlin No more empty batteries - the team of poqit.berlin, who were awarded the EXIST start-up grant, have developed a smart wallet that uses the newest wireless charging technology. The first product, poqit, is impossible to lose, comes in an elegant design and will make everyday life easier in the future. Simply charge the smartphone by placing it on the wallet.

Sengi-IT is the hot spot to link all your cloud accounts in one simple interface, creating the most secure place for storing your data online. We connect the best of cloud storage and messaging apps to give you security, transparency, and usability and lock out everyone who is not supposed to see your data. This is how we give you back total control of your digital identity.

Texlock is a textile based theft protection system - light, flexible, smart and beautiful. It is based on a multi-layer braided rope that consists of a cut and fire resistant combination of high performance fibers. The unique surface allows adaptations of the design, offers a pleasant feel and prevents scratches and rattling. Texlock is designed to be used in bike and outdoor equipment as well as in industrial applications.

Wundercurves is a modern e-commerce platform for fashion in plus sizes, an often-overlooked market, valuing at 65 billion USD. We are providing a holistic shopping experience including a 15x greater selection than leading plus-size retailers, popular modern brands and suitable inspiration for our target group. Our strengths include a large and experienced team, renowned advisors and a self-developed scalable and cloud-based platform.

Per normal, there is a Demo Day around the half time of the six-month program at the 19th of January 2017.


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