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Welcoming enviaM-Gruppe to the Smart Infrastructure Hub Partner Network.

Dec 12, 2017 5:05:19 PM

12th Dec 2017

The enviaM-Gruppe is one of the driving forces for the digitalisation of energy sustenance and distribution in Eastern Germany. The energy provider is now officially a new partner of the Smart Infrastructure Hub in Leipzig. This intiatiave has been headed since June 2017 from the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi). Partners of this initiative are working hand in hand with various business founders of the region to create new ideas and products for different areas of focus. The key point of interest for the de:hub initiative stems  from the world famous Silicon Valley in the United States.

Leipzig is home to the advancement of the digitalisation of the energy, ehealth, and smart city sectors. Withing Leipzig itself, we'll be active part in both overseeing and advancing the all de:hub initiatives right here in the SpinLab.

The enviaM-Gruppe is a one of ten partners, who will be supporting the smart infrastructure intiatives in our home of Leipzig. The group will be working together with various founders over the next three years to digitize the energy sector in the region. A key focus of this work in this time frame will be to find innovative ways to to intersect the areas of electricity, heating, and public transportation, to have all three elements working in a city-wide fashion that supports the development of the smart city grid and infrastructure.

"Together with partners from the region, our priority is to further develop the relationship between internet-based technology and energy. Our partnership with the Smart Infrastructure Hub in Leipzig is an important building block in achieving these goals. We are committed to working together with startups who are dedicated to this cause as well, to make energy distrubtion, supply, and savings, as profitable as they can be."

-Tim Hartmann, enviaM-Gruppe Chairman

We're very much looking forward to a great working relationship with the enviaM-Gruppe moving forward.



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