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A WARM WELCOME to our new class at SpinLab!

Mar 18, 2016 1:21:11 PM

18th Mar 2016

For more than one year we support startups from all over Germany now. And the success is remarkable. Our startups were able to win nine awards and prices, secure several funding rounds and got accepted to many other support programs and grants. Many renowned partners and customers could be convinced to work with those startups. Moreover, currently the alumni startup Ekoio collects money through a crowdinvesting platform (www.seedmatch.de/startups/ekoio).

By now more than 50 people work at SpinLab. Currently we opened an additional 670 square meter office space in the typical industrial style next to us to house alumni startups. Through that, a unique community of technology founder was established and grows further.

The following startups were selected as third class of SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator:

ANIMUS is a digital service-solution for the housing industry and living quarters, that optimises the communication, service and information between the residents and the housing administration. The Resident gets more of what he values the most: his own time. The housing companies not only profit from an improvement in services to its customers but achieve a process optimisation and cost reduction through digitisation too – win-win in perfection.

Binee is tackling one of humanities biggest and most complex challenges: waste. With its user centered approach and smart solutions, the first step is to collect old electronic devices in consumer electronics stores.

Matchwerk enables companies to digitalize their existing advisory process. Matchwerk’s products are striving to improve customer experience on websites, apps and voice interfaces. The sophisticated API with its knowledge base acts as a one-stop-solution for service providers to digitalize their existing advisory process. Our solution centralizes creation, management and evaluation of web-based advisory tools.

Neuronade is an innovative drinking powder for mental performance. The "think drink" contains natural plant extracts like ginkgo biloba, brahmi & rhodiola rosea as well as important micronutrients for the brain.

qlipay allows Africans in Europe or America to pay bills, products and services for their families in Africa quickly and safely at low costs through partnerships with international payment service providers. The sender can verify the exact bill amount and ensure that payments are used for the intended purpose.

resment is an innovative and web-based resource management solution for small and medium sized companies. The launched human resource management module contains the management of employees with a digital employee file, time tracking, shift-planning, absence and holiday management as well as an automated salary management. Our product combined with our service and support portfolio supports the sector of small and medium sized companies and automates administrative tasks to enable the possibility for entrepreneurs and employees to focus on their core abilities.

skillrs is a community based online platform for local services. Be it painting your room, walking your dog or learning to play the piano - we place qualified people within your area to get your daily tasks done.

As usual, there is a Demo Day around the half time of the six-month program at the 14th of June 2016.


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