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Cooperation with City of Leipzig for new class. Apply now!

May 30, 2016 2:19:06 PM

30th May 2016

SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator has become an important part of Leipzig and Saxonian innovation landscape. With 18 startups that have been supported so far, SpinLab contributed to employ more than 50 people, raise more than 4,2 Mio Euro in funding and to receive 10 different awards.

Since our early days we actively involve the administration of the City of Leipzig and Leipzig's lord mayor Burkhard Jung is a frequent guest. Today we can proudly say that this cooperation reaches a next level. Besides the scholarship that SpinLab offers to innovative startups, the City of Leipzig decided to award a price money of 6000 Euro to each startup that participates in our future programs. Dr. Michael Schimansky from the City of Leipzig emphasizes: "Startups are a symbol for chance, innovation and growth. This type of entrepreneurship needs to be further developed and supported in Leipzig."

Of course, all other conditions stay the same. We don't take any equity and we charge nothing for our six-month program. Besides money and investor contacts, startups benefit from excellent and independent advice, great networks, access to infrastructure and our co-working office, an international exchange program and a recruiting network.

Interested startups should apply till 28th of June 2016.


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