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Building startups with Thelen, Flores Willers and more: SpinLab- The HHL Accelerator launches 11th grade with its own learning platform

Dec 17, 2020 8:30:00 AM

In January, the SpinLab team once again welcomes ten new startups to the award-winning Accelerator program. Among them are names already well-known in the startup scene, such as Aivy, the personnel selection platform, or Oxford Immune Algorithmics, a spin-off of Oxford University, which uses artificial intelligence to deliver a solution for location-independent patient monitoring and testing. These ten new startups were selected in consultation with corporate partners during Selection Days in late November: Meshmerize, Aivy, PipePredict, INSONE, Advanced Infrastructure, minus CO2 by carbonauten,, HY2CON, Oxford Immune Algorithmics,

SpinLab learning platform_en

Upon acceptance into the program, teams receive a grant of at least €6,000 and up to €15,000, a comprehensive and customized coaching and mentoring program, as well as access to a broad network of partners and investors who will support the founders with their industry expertise during and even after the program. 

Digital learning platform for founders

In addition to the startups in the new class, the SpinLab team has been working on its digital presence and didactic concept over the past year. A learning platform, which offers learning videos with the Accelerator's network of experts in addition to articles, accompanies the new startups at SpinLab and forms the knowledge base for interactive workshops and individual expert discussions on site. In addition to Celine Flores Willers, personal branding expert and LinkedIn Top Voice as well as former "Miss Universe Germany," experts such as Frank Thelen and David Rhotert from Companisto also share their expertise. To test one's own knowledge, there are corresponding tests on the topics that must be passed in order to receive the "Executive Entrepreneurship Program @ SpinLab" certificate from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management at the end of the program. The learning platform will be available to all startups and SpinLab alumni, thus also providing a further training tool for the startups' first employees.

These are the chosen startups:


The tech startup is revolutionizing the resilience of so-called wireless "mesh networks," which are often used in industry to connect devices together. Meshmerize frees devices from imaginary cables previously required in this technology, allowing devices to be used flexibly.


The startup helps overcome the shortage of skilled workers by fully digitizing professional career counseling. To do this, the team has developed a mobile app that uses psychological testing procedures to collect diagnostic performance values for career choices.

Users explore their own potential in an appealing and scientifically sound way. They can share their individual strengths profile with companies. This provides them with diagnostic data for a qualitatively better and non-discriminatory initial assessment of applicants.

Advanced Infrastructure

The Cambridge-based startup provides track and trace data as a service to energy markets to decarbonize and optimize energy supply chains. Benefits include: more accurate reporting of CO2 emissions, energy optimization data for carbon reduction, and high-resolution modeling for strategic planning. Advanced Infrastructure partners with enterprises, power system operators, flexibility providers, and energy marketplaces to find lower-cost, lower-carbon solutions for a €53 billion market.

minus CO2 by carbonauten

The aim of carbonauten is the worldwide production of biocarbons in large quantities, high quality and at low prices. To this end, the biocarbons are produced decentrally from woody residues of biomasses from forestry and agriculture, food and wood industries. One ton of biocarbon stores the equivalent of up to 3.67 tons of CO2 and avoids further climate gases. Combined with various binders, these NET (Negative Emission Technology) materials are created and are either recyclable, degradable or recarbonizable after use. 

Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA)

Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) is an award-winning biotech company founded by the University of Oxford. Based on model-based machine learning, OIA's technology is able to learn from each user's immune system, enabling patients and physicians to make more accurate diagnoses. The OIA platform extends current trends in telemedicine, moving from online medical appointments to intelligent solutions for remote blood testing to monitor the immune system in COVID19 time and beyond.

PipePredict offers predictive maintenance for pipe networks (district heating, water, chemical) by analyzing existing sensor data with a digital twin and machine learning algorithms. By integrating existing hardware, investment costs are reduced and pilot projects can be implemented more quickly. Customers benefit from reduced losses, lower costs, improved plannability of repairs and personnel deployment, and increased resource and energy efficiency. GmbH
The Berlin-based startup offers digital cardiovascular care. predict cardiovascular risk with a validated algorithm, simulate treatment effects and provide physicians with individual recommendations for treatment optimization. Patients are empowered to take control of their disease. The solution provides better care for cardiovascular patients and lower costs for healthcare systems.


HY2CON offers mobile containers for the treatment of biogas plants for the production of hydrogen from biomass. For this purpose, the team develops a special fermentation process. Any type of biomass can be used. HY2CON focuses on waste materials such as grass and food waste, as these are input substrates that cause problems and costs everywhere.

The team from Austria and Berlin develops a web search engine technology. With its self-developed technology, enables users to find the essentials from millions of files, websites or databases within seconds. Instead of millions of search results, the search engine delivers only the relevant information for users. 


INSONE's intelligent audio optimization technologies bring out the full potential of communication and help people achieve their goals faster and better. INSONE's product innovation "sonocom" uses advanced AI-based technology to optimize the sound of phone calls in a fully KPI-oriented way. Companies that use "sonocom" can, for example, significantly improve their conversion rate in the sales process or their average helpdesk handling times.

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Written by Clara Fischer

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