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Round 7: Let's Go! There's a new group of founders in town.

Aug 6, 2018 4:35:46 PM


06 Aug 2018

Despite the blazing heat Leipzig and the rest of the world has been experiencing this summer, we've managed to welcome our seventh class to the SpinLab and we're already firing on all cylinders here to help them all achieve their next goals.

From the harmonic of treatment of tinnitus to the better care of women during their pregnancies, we've truly got some stars in the current cohort, and we're looking forward to seeing their progress in the program.

These startups are the best of the best from our last evaluation. The 10 best startups from applications coming from all corners of the globe.

Without further ado, meet class 7

Keleya is an app that helps a woman stay fit & relaxed during her pregnancy. We help her with personalized workout- & nutrition plans, based on her wellbeing, situation and fitness indication.

deeptune develops new hardware for energy optimization on an electron level. The oscillator technology consists of small add-on modules which are capable of increasing the degree of order in the flow of energy or data. This leads to more efficiency in a wide range of energy storage or data processing devices by simple external attachment.

Better@Home enables elderly people and those in need of help to live safely and self-determined in their own home. The Better@Home platform offers a reliable, complete, all-encompassing solution for age-appropriate living with digital assistance systems.

IN HARMONY is a software solution for people affected by tinnitus It harmonizes tinnitus tones in your favorite music, providing immediate relief. Melodious, self-determined, customizable and working even with hearing aids. Enjoy and let your tinnitus float away.

IndeeWork's mission is to enhance the digitalization, automation, and optimization of field service operations. For that, we provide a Smart Field Service Scheduling solution that enables data driven and artificial intelligence based workforce planning.

Vesputi creates a mobility platform for modern cities. We digitally join private and public infrastructures, in order to help cities keeping their public transit network a sustainable backbone. Vesputi raises urban life quality by making intermodal transit a reality.

Digitail is an all in one solution for veterinary clinics that connects all stakeholders of the ecosystem such as healthcare & insurance providers, pet owners, and product suppliers with the help of dedicated and interconnected digital solutions. Digitail includes features such as EHR, CRM and ERP which enables veterinarians to get rid of mundane tasks and lets them focus on doing what they love - providing healthcare.

The SQLNet Company develops a problem-agnostic artificial intelligence “AutoSQL” that understands relational business data and automates data preparation. It reduces development costs of data science projects by up to 80% and achieves a higher predictive accuracy. AutoSQL will be available in several different flavors as SaaS locally or on the cloud.

eCovery is the perfect symbiosis of innovative sensor technology, a digital application and profound medical expertise. With our sensor-based medial app we motivate patients, optimize existing rehabilitation and improve the exchange with doctors and physiotherapists - for a faster and better recovery.

be on track protects what you love with a revolutionary tracking device that has a battery runtime of up to 10 years and a voice assistance feature. Our vision is to be THE ONE AND ONLY tracking platform where you can find anything: your brilliant racing bicycle, your cute pets or your loved relatives with need of care.


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