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Six, yes, SIX million Euros are going to XAIN!

Jun 6, 2018 1:30:57 PM


06th Jun 2018

In 2017 we hosted the first-ever Porsche Innovation Contest. The goal was simple, find the best startups in the world who are utilizing blockchain technology, and help them integrate that technology into Porsche's architecture. The winner of that competion, which had over 100 entries from around the world, was Xain AG.

With winning the competition, Xain was awarded 25,000 Euros from Porsche, a Pilot Project with them, and a specialized 3 month program we tailored for them in the SpinLab. We were happy to host and support the team from October to December of 2017, and everything went really great with the cooperation.

What we're even happier about, is the massive seed round they just closed! The company just acquired 6 Million Euros in funding to further their projects, and we are glad to see them continue to flourish! Well done team Xain, and we look forward to seeing evey more good news about you guys coming in the future!

To see the official release in German from Gründerszene, please click here.



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