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2nd class at SpinLab

Sep 9, 2015 2:33:49 PM

09th Sep 2015

We're very proud to announce our new class of six highly-ambitous and great startups from Leipzig, Zwickau, Hamburg and Dresden. The following startups have been accepted for our program:

With ANYFIT customers can find & book local sports activities. For Sports suppliers ANYFIT provides a new sales channel with integrated booking and management solutions.

Laviu is a young, motivated Start-up that develops aesthetic and stylish lovetoys for women. The secret: A pulsating surface making the experience even more intense!

knowhere is a mobile app that makes finding the next travel destination simple. No matter if someone wants to go on an adventure or just relax. Knowhere will help to find places that fit all needs.

Rhebo Industrial Protector monitors and ensures the continuous, correct, and predictable operation of real-time Industrial Control Systems to prevent outages and reduce downtimes. Data traffic in control networks is recorded and analyzed to automatically detect and report any anomalies. Rhebo Industrial Protector ensures operational continuity in production environments and critical infrastructures and protects from security breaches and cyberattacks from inside or outside. Operators of Industrial Control Systems benefit from Rhebo’s solution by enormous cost savings due to the reduction of system outages.

QLX develops smarttrass, a software which allows you to design roads, railways, channels, pipes or power lines three-dimensional with simultaneous calculation of costs and scheduling – real-time and with wide automations. That means lightning-fast and effortless achieving of optimized results. Planning, validating, optimizing and presenting in real-time!

Vizzlo creates individual business graphics. Whether for presentations, business documents, or the Web – with Vizzlo anybody can visualize their ideas in seconds.



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