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Success at IKT Innovativ

Sep 8, 2015 2:34:44 PM

08th Sep 2015

The "IKT Innovativ" startup competition organized by the Federal Ministry for Economics (BMWi) awards the best Internet- and Communication Technology (ICT) startups in Germany. It is considered as one of the best startup competitions in Germany, since the price money is as high as the number of applicants.

We are more than proud that one of the SpinLab startups, namely Sensape, won the star prize endowed with 30.000 Euro. This is a great acknowledgement of their progress, technology and team.

Although this would already be a reason to celebrate, it got even better: our startup Conbox has also been awarded with 6.000 Euro, after they have achieved great positions at other competitions like Future Sax, start2grow or Karl-Kolle-Preis before.

More info: IKT Innovativ Website



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