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Leipziger Gründerpreis goes to Vizzlo and Sensape

Jul 12, 2016 2:17:07 PM

12th Jul 2016

After a great second and third place at the FutureSax competition, SpinLab startups again successfully participated at another startup competition.

The Leipziger Gründerpreis, awarded by Sparkasse Leipzig, the City of Leipzig and its neighbors, goes to Vizzlo with a prize money of 3.000 Euro for the first place. The third place was also given to a SpinLab startups: Sensape, who participated in our first class, will get 1.000 Euro for their achievements.

With 14 awards since February 2015 we can proudly say that our startups are doing a great job when it comes to startup competitions and pitches. The frequent pitch training we provide may help them to perform well on stage.


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