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New Media Partner: Gruene-Startups.de

Oct 1, 2020 7:53:49 PM


In the course of encouraging sustainable startups to apply for SpinLab’s accelerator program, we have decided to team up with the online magazine “Grüne Startups”, which is an online portal portraying founders and teams of sustainable startups as well as their products and services. Our startups will profit from being exposed to a large audience within the green startup ecosystem as well as the ability to learn from the many resources and inspiration the platform provides regarding founding in an ecological, impactful and preserving manner. 

“We are pleased to be a partner of SPINLAB. Gruene-Startups.de as a platform that reports on sustainable start-ups and their offers fits perfectly to a startup ecosystem like SPINLAB. Both have the same goal: to help startups grow. At Gruene-Startups.de the focus is on sustainability, so we give sustainably oriented startups the stage they need to become better known and bigger. We are pleased to be able to cooperate with SPINLAB in this area” – Marcus Noack, Managing Director at Gruene-Startups.de

Clara Fischer

Written by Clara Fischer

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