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SpinLab startup suena raises 1.2 MIO EUR to accelerate energy transition

Jul 4, 2022 2:20:30 PM

EIT InnoEnergy, the world’s largest sustainable energy engine, has invested alongside Vireo Ventures and Raakwark Kaptaala in the energy startup suena to support the development of the trading platform for energy storages and renewable energies. The fresh capital will enable the team to rapidly increase the pace of product development and pilot project implementation to address the urgent need for innovative energy storage deployment solutions.

Today's energy system, which is largely based on the combustion of fossil fuels, is facing profound changes worldwide. The necessary technical solutions for implementing the energy transition, such as renewable energies and storage capacities, are already available. Currently, the greatest challenge is to optimise the interaction of these solutions. This is exactly where Suena comes in: Its cloud-based software uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence methods to network energy systems with each other. In concrete terms, this means that they calculate an optimal schedule for each plant. The optimisation software suena opt makes it possible to use energy plants for multiple applications and to operate in different markets.

The startup takes a multi-use and multi-market approach here to maximise profit: "suena opt is a real-time operation and trading software that optimises the schedule of the energy plant portfolio for different applications and markets," explains co-founder Dr.-Ing. Lennard Wilkening. Applied to battery storage systems and energy parks (incl. wind & solar energy), the software optimises the deployment of the assets in real time based on forecasting models. This enables energy suppliers to react flexibly to market dynamics and facilitates the integration of renewable energies. This not only increases efficiency, but also cost-effectiveness, with the aim of accelerating the energy transition.

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