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Exit for SpinLab digital health startup mementor

Aug 2, 2022 1:06:55 PM

California-based medical equipment company ResMed today announced the acquisition of  mementor. The first product "somnio of the e-health startup is Germany’s first and only permanently approved Digital Health Application (DiGA) in the field of sleep medicine. It’s also compliant with the European Union’s data protection requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With somnio, mementor has developed a scientifically based, digital solution for the treatment of sleep disorders that can be used on the smartphone. 

Digital innovation targeting sleep disorder

In Germany, approximately 1 in 10 people are affected by clinically relevant insomnia, as well as nearly 3 in 10 people who have sleep apnea. Currently only a small percentage of those affected receive the cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. somnio closes a gap in the care of insomnia patients and complements ResMed’s efforts to increase both awareness of this disease and access to effective home treatments.

Leipzig based startup mementor will be integrated into ResMed in Germany as a separate business segment and will serve as a platform for further developments in the field of digital health. The business segment will be co-led by mementor co-founder and CEO Dr. Noah Lorenz and Katherina Jekerle, who was previously ResMed Germany’s senior marketing director and member of the German leadership team.

mementor is an ideal fit for ResMed Germany and, more important, millions of people across Germany who want to improve their sleep and overall health,” said Katrin Pucknat, President at ResMed Germany. “The founders have identified a large and neglected area of healthy sleep with an opportunity to help millions of people solve their chronic sleep issue with an easy-to-use digital at-home solution. We look forward to working with the team at mementor to help even more people in Germany achieve good, healthy sleep.”

First exit for private venture capital fund Smart Infrastructure Ventures

The startup was originally founded in Switzerland. In order to establish in the German market, the founders decided to participate in the SpinLab Accelerator program. In 2020 the digital health startup mementor has completed a seed financing round in the higher six-figure range. Seed investors include Smart Infrastructure Ventures and several business angels, among them former CFO of Spreadshirt and founder of smow Michael Petersen. It was the first investment of Smart Infrastructure Ventures.


CEO Dr. Noah Lorenz:“SpinLab made it really easy for us to connect with relevant stakeholders and help us a lot with hands-on support. Moreover Smart Infrastructure Ventures ('SIVentures') from the SpinLab network was among our seed investors, which clearly helped us to scale our business.” 

With their mission, mementor was able to convice us, investors and medical doctors. One of the biggest and most important milestones was the permanent approval as a Digital Health Application (DiGA) in the #BfArM directory in October 2020. Two years later, the startup managed the international exit.

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