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International Exit for SpinLab mental health startup Stresscoach

Jul 28, 2022 1:15:59 PM

The founders Philipp Omenitsch and Manuel Kraus first launched in 2019 with a chatbot for the US market, and then switched to an app certified by German health insurers: just 3 years later, the e-health startup successfully exited. Stresscoach app has been sold to KGA Inc. The US company helps organizations to create and sustain a healthy, engaged and productive workforce. Both parties have agreed not to reveal the acquisition price. Mental health problems are unfortunately still a taboo in our society and people have to wait very very long until they get professional support. That is where Stresscoach comes in - the first psychological chatbot in Germany. The app guides users through interactive, conversation-based therapy programs in which they develop the skills to cope better with anxiety and stress.

Entering the German market with the Network of the SpinLab Accelerator Program

The team from Vienna was part of the 12th SpinLab class. During this time we helped Stresscoach to take off on the German market and bring them together with our innovation partner AOK PLUS. Users can now reimburse the costs of the app from health insurers throughout Germany. Two clinical studies are currently being conducted to validate the app's effectiveness in managing anxiety. Founder Manuel Kraus is already working on a new e-health project. He co-founded "Mindahead". The mission of the new startup is to detect and prevent dementia at an early stage.

Stresscoach is just one of many successful startups that we supported in our accelerator program. Read here more exciting case studys of SpinLab e-health startups.

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