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Six emerging European venture capital funds you need to know

By Linh Pham on 13 July 2023

This year's HHL SpinLab Investors day edition was an incredible showcase of innovative startups and visionary venture capitalists, all under one roof! This time, it wasn't just the startups that pitched, but also the venture capitalists who took the stage. Each fund brings its unique approach, expertise, and financial backing to the table, ensuring that promising early-stage companies receive the support they need to thrive. With a focus on sectors such as clean energy, mobility, and health, these venture capital firms are reshaping the European startup ecosystem and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. Here are six European venture capital funds that you need to check out.

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10 Digital Health Apps (DiGAs) in Germany you should know

By Linh Pham on 22 June 2023

Digital health applications have been transforming the way we approach healthcare, empowering individuals to take control of their well-being with the help of technology. Germany has embraced this digital revolution, paving the way for the emergence of a unique class of digital applications called DiGA. The German Digital Healthcare Act was implemented on December 19, 2019, with the aim of facilitating the integration of digital health applications into the medical field.

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10 promising AI-startups in Germany to watch in 2023

By Ida Richter on 07 February 2023

“ChatGPT is at capacity right now.” So I guess I'll have to write the introduction myself after all. Industries have been stirred up with Ai technologies, and not since ChatGPT. Germany is becoming a hub for cutting-edge AI startups, with innovative companies pushing the boundaries of what's possible with artificial intelligence. From healthcare and mobility to inspections and energy, these startups are revolutionizing industries and solving complex problems with AI technology. In this article, we take a look at 10 of the most promising AI startups hailing from Germany.

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10 FemTech startups from Germany you should know

By Swantje Jung on 03 November 2022

The health care system has historically suffered from a gender bias, with women's health being underfunded, underserved, and overlooked. Misdiagnosis due to a lack of symptom catalogs for women, incorrect medication because pharmaceuticals are primarily tested on men, and limited to no knowledge of one's own body are the bitter consequences. But rescue is in sight! (Female) founders and startups are using technology to close the gender health gap. FemTech, or female technology, is a new field in medicine that focuses on women's health and uses technology-based products and services to track and assess symptoms, provide expert advice, and help women better understand their bodies.  With wearables, softwares, mobile apps and other digital tools, the FemTech industry is growing rapidly - by 2025, the value of femtech companies is expected to exceed $50 billion. In this article, we introduce you to ten emerging FemTech startups from Germany poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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10 promising energy startups in Germany you should know

By Linh Pham on 17 August 2022

Climate change and, most recently, Russia's invasion of Ukraine have plunged energy policy in crisis. In order to become independent of Russian oil and gas, numerous countries are currently putting their energy and climate policies on the test bench. Alternatives are needed. Times have never been more promising for founders in the energy sector. As the energy system undergoes a far-reaching transformation, new digital solutions, technologies and innovative business models are needed. In this article, we introduce you to upcoming energy startups from Germany.

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10 promising smart city startups in Germany

By Linh Pham on 30 July 2021

Our cities are growing. Along with them, our current problems and challenges are increasing: Population growth, pollution, resource shortages, infrastructure bottlenecks. These challenges are slowly reducing the quality of life in the city. Therefore, we need more efficient ways to increase the quality of life for city citizens. Concepts are needed to distribute existing resources more effectively and to develop new ways to produce these resources in the city. The keyword is smart city. Smart City aims to offer citizens efficient, fast and innovative services and infrastructures. The stars of this new age are startups with innovative business models. In this blog article, we introduce you to 10 promising smart city startups that are shaping the city of tomorrow.

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10 promising E-health Startups from Germany

By Linh Pham on 26 May 2021

The e-health segment has been considered one of the up-and-coming topics in the startup scene for years. Digital transformation in the healthcare system is one of the major future issues of our time. The consequences of skills shortage, urbanization as well as demographic change require a modernization of the healthcare system. Digital technologies mean innovation and progress  for sustainable basic medical care and an improved quality of life.

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