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Investing in a Sustainable Future – ESG discussed at HHL SpinLab Investors Day

By Clara Fischer on 28 September 2020

What indicators do investors look for when they talk about sustainable investing? Are there any standard criteria taken into account? How do VCs make sure that their startups are serious about their impact? Is sustainable investment = impact investing? The fifth edition of SpinLab’s and HHL’s Investors Day was all about ESG, sustainability issues  and the future of the German investment market.

Together with top-notch speakers, participants could learn from their experiences in leading towards meaningful strategies, discuss concerns and get insights on best practices. Accompanied by 14 startup pitches and personal as well as hybrid networking sessions, the event was one of the first in-person experiences after a long time for many investors that joined the event.

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Crisis Communication for Startups

By Clara Fischer on 08 September 2020

How would you feel when you were the  customer of a startup, that seems to have some trouble going on – and not knowing what’s happening with your order? 

Have you ever bought something and received the message that the package has been sent, but has not been delivered in over a week?

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Health insurance systems in Germany: This is what you really need to know!

By Mark Winkler on 21 August 2020

The fact is: In Germany, health insurance is compulsory. In this article I will explain the different types of health insurances, their advantages and disadvantages and how you can find out which of the insurance models suits your life situation, profession and income best.

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How to write and send out proper press releases

By Clara Fischer on 10 August 2020

Press releases have been a highly debated topic for a while now. Some PR professionals swear they are the best tools to get coverage, others think they are overrated. Depending on the topic and the media outlets you are pitching to, it might make sense to write a press release though. Especially when pitching towards journalists that cover a variety of topics, having a press release with all relevant information, material and contact details is very helpful and spares them a lot of research time. Also, for highly official announcements such as strategic decisions or crisis communication, (wait for our next blog on that topic!) a press release is a good choice.

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COVID-19 & Funding for startups: How the landscape will evolve

By Dirk Frohnert on 27 April 2020

Despite a different trigger, the current period of unusual turbulences and its impact on the economic situation has many similarities to former large crises of the past few decades (e.g. burst of the dotcom bubble, global financial crisis, European sovereign crisis): in general a high degree of uncertainty, financial distress & large volatility in publicly traded markets followed by a global economic downturn of unknown severity and length.

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Product Market Fit and Your Startup: 7 Things you need to know (2020)

By Shawn Segundo on 23 April 2020

Product market fit is one of those things that is very much its own unicorn inside of the startup world. A lot of people hear about it, a lot of people talk about it, but not very many people have achieved it.

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How to be HAS (Helpful As Sh%t) and why your startup should care

By Shawn Segundo on 01 April 2020

Let me first start off by saying, welcome to 2020! OK, now that that is out of the way, let’s get back to making our empires as awesome as possible.

Excuse the somewhat crude title to this article (hey, come on it’s not that bad, we all know you’ve seen worse) but let me introduce you to what I have dubbed the HAS Principle. In other words, HAS = Helpful As Shit.

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By Dennis Birkhölzer on 23 March 2020

Working in one of Germany’s best accelerator programs, helping startups on a daily basis, we get a lot of insights, on how founders do or don’t do their sales job. Besides finding funding, defining their strategy and developing their product, actually selling their product is the key element for a startup’s success. And that can only be accomplished when sound sales strategies are properly integrated into a startup business plan

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How you can support spinlab startups during the corona virus pandemic

By Shawn Segundo on 19 March 2020

Today’s date is March 19th, 2020 and if you’re just hearing the latest news about the Corona Virus Pandemic that is sweeping across the globe, I want to know what cave you’ve been hiding in, because it seems one cannot escape hearing about the pandemic every five minutes.

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International Venture Capital and Forced Exits: Recapping HHL SpinLab Investors Day 4

By Eric Weber on 18 February 2020

About 200 venture capitalists, family offices and business angels mingled with our corporate partners and startups during the fourth HHL SpinLab Investors Day.

With networking sessions, inspiring speeches and panels accompanied by top-notch startup pitches, the likeminded community enjoyed the event. Focusing on the topics “Investing with international venture capitals” and “How to force exits?” both investors and founders were able to discuss important aspects of the same topics from their perspectives.

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